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MONTE VISTA SUCCESS!  Monarchs Crowned  CIF Division 4 Champions

Steve Kinslow December 05, 2017

MONTE VISTA SUCCESS! Monarchs Crowned CIF Division 4 Champions

Congratulations to the Monte Vista Monarchs!

In a stunning 71 to 48 victory the Monte Vista Monarchs rode their strength and conditioning to a record 8 touchdowns. Pulling away in the second half the Monarchs sealed the championship with junior Jahon McClendon rushing for 380 yards!

After the victory, Coach Hamamoto was quick to text BFS president, John Rowbotham, the news: "We won today. Another championship for BFS". BFS is honored and humbled to have a great coach like Ron Hamamoto in our corner.

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Steve Kinslow November 28, 2017


Coach Hamamoto is a shining example of a BFS Coach. His passion for the kids he teaches and influences is second to none. Coach has brought this passion - and The BFS Total Program - everywhere he has coached across Southern California. Now on the eve of a championship game, BFS takes a look back at the career of this dedicated coach and teacher!

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Amy Kaufusi November 22, 2017

BFS Anti Bullying with P2P

BFS is proud to attend the Los Angeles Clippers game at the Staples Center on November 30th as part of the many fine organizations supporting young people.

This exciting event will bring anti-bullying organizations together and serve as a fundraiser for Speak Out and Silence Bullies.

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Steve Kinslow October 26, 2017


Unified athletics

It is that time of year,  

This is a time of year many educators and coaches assess their athletic programs and explore ideas on what could make a difference in the future. Few teams make the playoffs, even fewer are division champions and only one is state champion. Is your team in this elite group? How can your school crack the code to improving from year to year - season to season? 

There is a unified training program that spans your sports and seasons! Your students and athletes don't need to have vastly different training regimens when moving into new sports. Rather a consistent program that emphasizes attributes applicable to all sports - speed, strength and explosive movements for leaping, is needed. Bring your athletics and PE together with The Total Program from BFS

Consistently used by winning and championship teams for over 40 years BFS and The Total Program focuses on core lifts while leaving room for sport specific auxiliary exercises. Not cookie cutter approach but rather a flexible, versatile program built around just six core exercises, while remaining expandable to suit unique situations. Boys and girls from volleyball to football to basketball - all sports - benefit from a consistent, year round training method. With BFS record breaking results each week that will inspire your students and athletes to reach even higher!

Read about how BFS impacted the San Carlos teams through a series of Total Program Clinics and Be An 11 Seminars. Then imagine what a real program, not just a series of workouts, can do for your school. Then take action! Let BFS help you make a difference in all athletics and physical Education in your school!

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BFS Impacts Large and Small Districts Across the Country

Amy Kaufusi October 19, 2017

BFS Impacts Large and Small Districts Across the Country

BFS is a company founded and built by teachers and coaches, for teachers and coaches. The BFS Total Program is a training program that came into existence to solve the problem of unifying training for sports and physical education students. The original coaches of BFS were inspired by track and field athletes who used the weight room to run faster, throw further and leap higher - all skills that are essential to excelling in most other sports. So the Total Program was born to bring these development and training techniques to the entire student body.

Early on, by working with many of the brightest educators BFS has learned that the core strength training exercises used for athletics are also extremely valuable in developing all young students. Weight training is fantastic for postural improvement and balanced physical development as young people mature. Of course this sort of development is not gender specific and the BFS Total Program can be implemented across the entire student body. By creating a culture of common language and goals in the weight room students and athletes can benefit from semester to semester and season to season.

Now, school districts across the country are maximizing the positive impacts that a unified training program can bring. Beginning with broad services from BFS such as Weight Room Viability Consultation and BFS Professional Development Days, multiple schools are able to reap the benefits of BFS in an affordable and time effective way. Then, BFS offers impactful Championship Camps, Total Program Clinics and Teachers Weight Room Safety Certifications to really get your school and program to the next level!

Reach out to BFS at 800-628-9737 to learn more about how BFS has impacted such diverse districts as the large, urban New York Public Schools and rural New Mexico's Central Consolidated School District.

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HOT AUXILIARIES!  Why BFS Athletes Need Lat Pulldowns

Steve Kinslow September 26, 2017

HOT AUXILIARIES! Why BFS Athletes Need Lat Pulldowns

Auxiliary lifts are special exercise that are sport specific and help prevent common injuries. One auxiliary exercise that BFS has been promoting for the past four decades is the lat pulldown, which may seem odd as most coaches would consider it a bodybuilding or general fitness exercise. Some even believe that it's a harmful exercise that may cause injury. Let's look at the facts.

"The lats are the only muscle that connects the arms to the lower body. This anatomical uniqueness has many implications to athletic performance."

As far as biomechanics, the movements that occur when you pull the bar down are as follows: Elbow flexion, Shoulder adduction and horizontal abduction, and scapulae retraction and downward rotation. When you return the bar to the start, your movements change to the following: elbow extension, shoulder abduction and horizontal adduction, and scapulae protraction and upward rotation.

Most sports don't require climbing, so why are lats important? First, the lats are the only muscle that connects the arms to the lower body. This anatomical uniqueness has many implications to athletic performance. If you want to throw a baseball faster, hit a golf ball harder, or swim with more power, you need to train your lats...


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The Squat in 2017

Steve Kinslow September 19, 2017

The Squat in 2017

BFS Professional development Day
BFS has certified teachers and coaches across the country in proper weight room safety and technique for 42 years. And the squat is always the centerpiece of developmental and athletic performance. Discover BFS for your school with a Professional Development Day!

For more than four decades, BFS has promoted the idea that the squat should be a core exercise in any workout to improve athletic performance.

Because the squat was such a controversial exercise at the time BFS opened its doors in 1976, almost every article that appeared in BFS magazine about the squat included a section about how it could help prevent injuries, not cause them, and improve athletic performance. BFS Founder Dr. Greg Shepard and his team of clinicians also took our message on the road, each year giving hundreds of clinics at schools and athletic training facilities promoting the value of squats.

As the popularity of the strength coaching profession grew and interest in weight training increased, research studies were conducted that examined the benefits, and alleged risks, of the squat. Let's look at what these pioneering sports scientists discovered.

One of the major concerns about the squat in the early days of the strength coaching profession was that it could increase laxity in the knee. This concern can be traced to a research study about squats published in 1961 by professor Karl K. Klein and MD Fred L. Allman, Jr. Their study suggested that full squats - not parallel squats - could increase knee laxity thereby increase the risk of knee injury.

It was found in later studies that its results could not be reproduced. Other researchers found the opposite the results of Klein and Allman - those who performed full squats did not have greater knee laxity than other populations. It was also found that weightlifters and powerlifters tended to possess tighter knee joints than control groups and were less susceptible to knee injuries. But the damage had been done, and it took a long time for the athletic and medical community to accept the truth about squats.

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Five Things You  Probably Didn't Know About BFS!

Steve Kinslow September 15, 2017

Five Things You Probably Didn't Know About BFS!

With over 41 years in the business, BFS has established itself as the leader in athletic and physical fitness training. We've not only shared our message through our magazine, website, and social media outlets, but our clinicians have given nearly 20,000 hands-on total program clinics, coaching certifications, and character education seminars. Despite this exposure, there are a few unique aspects of BFS that many people may not know about. Here are five of them:

1. We are the only program to support unification.
Unification is the concept that all high school and middle school athletes will adhere to the same basic training philosophy... Learn more in the July issue
2. We've made teaching biomechanics simple.
BFS has developed six training principles, or absolutes, that are amazingly effective in teaching perfect technique not only in the weightroom but also in any sport... Learn more in the July issue
3. We are leaders in character education.
BFS has developed a character education program called Be an 11... Learn more in the July issue
4. We have a tremendous networking ability.
Access more than 5,000 articles over the past 37 years that include inspirational success stories, advice from top coaches and sport scientists, and the latest information on liability and safety - at no cost, with no obligation. Learn more in the July issue
5. We have exceptional Clinics, Certifications and Professional Development Days.
BFS also offers regional and on-site certification clinics, along with a complete line of multi-media educational materials, to teach coaches and athletes how to exercise for maximum performance with minimal risk of injury... Learn more in the July issue

Don't miss all that BFS can do for your school and program!
BFS is a popular and effective training method with a 41-year history of success. It's here to stay, unlike other workouts that have failed to stand the test of time. The BFS program has proven it's the perfect program for any high school athlete, male or female, and it’s ideal for coaches who deal with large numbers of athletes. With its proven track record of success, we are confident that BFS offers the best program for you and your athletes.

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Spanning Generations with Sean Waxman

Steve Kinslow September 06, 2017

Spanning Generations with Sean Waxman

BFS had a great weekend at FitCon Utah's St George edition. At events like these we are often approached by people who come through the BFS program and have great stories to tell. (After 40 years of making an impact across the country there are a lot of stories tell!) This event was no exception.
At this event Sean Waxman sat down to tell us how the BFS Magazine and Total Program influenced him as a young man. Now Sean is highly respected coach and gym owner for a new generation of Olympic lifters.

Learn more about all the great work Waxman's Gym is doing out in Los Angeles

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MONTANA STRONG AND TEXAS DYNASTIES! Did you miss these BFS summer issues? Free digital mags available now!

Amy Kaufusi September 06, 2017

MONTANA STRONG AND TEXAS DYNASTIES! Did you miss these BFS summer issues? Free digital mags available now!

A couple of great magazine came out this summer and we wanted to recap it for those of you who were on vacation (or getting an early start on football preparation!)

BFS Clinician and Coach, Jim Brown was in Texas and was honored to meet with Steve Wood, Head Football Coach of the 6 time, 5A Texas State Champions, Aledo Bearcats. After running the table at 16 - 0 The Aledo Texas Bearcats have been recognized by MaxPreps as one of the top 25 varsity football programs out of more than 1700 programs across the country and have received the National Guard National Ranking Trophy.
Coach Wood was, of course, familiar with the BFS Total Program and shared his respect for the program with Coach Brown. Coach Wood noted that emphasizing parallel squats and cleans is a key to Aledo’s success. These lifts are central to the BFS Total Program and are part of the “BFS Core Lifts” which we recommend for every athlete - no matter the sport.

All this and more available from the BFS July issue. Don't let this informative magazine pass you by!

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BFS Professional Development now available

Steve Kinslow June 22, 2017

BFS on the Road - Professional Development in New York Public Schools!

Commitment at the District Level Reaps Benefits for Physical Education

Working with New York City Public Schools this month has been an awesome experience for BFS. Our all new Professional Development seminars have really been making an impact across the largest school district in the country. Many PE teachers and administrators have hailed the day as one of the most fruitful seminars they have ever attended.

Learning about effective and safe weight room protocols has really opened up these teachers to the ease of incorporating strength training into their Physical Education environment. By combining a dynamic presentation along with actual hands on training every educator in attendance was kept involved and excited to learn more.

BFS provides the path to ongoing education and Weight Room Strength and Safety Certification (WRSC) by crediting teachers in attendance with credit toward completing the WRSC course. Working closely with NYPS, BFS can offer PE teachers their WRSC for only $99.95 (a $399 value).

Call 800-628-9737 to learn more or email: subject: Professional Development 



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BFS on the Road in Aledo Texas!

Steve Kinslow June 19, 2017

BFS on the Road in Aledo Texas!

Inspiration from a legendary Texas program

BFS Clinician JIm Brown is on the road again. BFS Clinicians are privileged to travel around the country and help athletes students and coaches reach their full potential. On these journeys we get to meet with some of the brightest and best influencers in athletics.

This month Clinician and Coach, Jim Brown was in Texas and was honored to meet with Steve Wood, Head Football Coach of the 6 time, 5A Texas State Champions, Aledo Bearcats. After running the table at 16 - 0 The Aledo Texas Bearcats have been recognized by MaxPreps as one of the top 25 varsity football programs out of more than 1700 programs across the country and have received the National Guard National Ranking Trophy.

Coach Wood was, of course, familiar with the BFS Total Program and shared his respect for the program with Coach Brown. Coach Wood noted that emphasizing parallel squats and cleans is a key to Aledo's success. These lifts are central to the BFS Total Program and are part of the "BFS Core Lifts" which we recommend for every athlete - no matter the sport.

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New Weight Rooms and New Connections

Steve Kinslow May 26, 2017

New Weight Rooms and New Connections

With BFS Clinician Jim Brown

One of the perks of being a BFS Clinician is the sheer number of great people we get to meet and interact with as we travel across the country. From teachers and coaches and high school athletes at the highest level, we love the chance to impact lives. However, we also know that we are equally impacted by the people we are fortunate enough to come across in our journey. Case in point: BFS Clinician Jim Brown.

When Coach Brown was installing a new custom BFS weight room in Larned, Kansas he had the opportunity to sit down with former Yankees pitcher and 1962 World Series MVP, Ralph Terry! A lifelong Yankees fan, Coach Brown was impressed with this humble legend's openness and willingness to share memories and experiences from his days with legendary New York Yankees teams from the 1960s.

Now we can all learn more about these summer campaigns from the early sixties because Ralph Terry has penned his memoirs, along with co-author John Wooly. Right Down the Middle: The Ralph Terry Story is available where ever books are sold. Coach Brown is proud to have a copy autographed by Mr. Terry and knows this will be a great read that includes stories and anecdotes involving many of baseball's greats!

Regional Certification With Coach Brown - Register Now!

Join Coaches in Your Area to Learn the Best Ways to Train Your Athletes with the Proven BFS PROGRAM Not Only will this Certification Ensure that You Know How to Improve Athletic Performance, You will Learn Techniques that will Significantly Improve the Safety of Every Sports Program. This is a Hands-On, Learn-By-Doing Certification

Regional Certification: Paris TX
6/8/2017 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

North Lamar High School
3201 Lewis Lane
Paris, TX  75460
Contact: Jim Brown
EARLY REGISTRATION - 30 days prior = $100 OFF!!

InService Certification Day Improves Your Entire

PE and Athletics Program Bring BFS In-Service Certification into your school this year and make a difference - Call 800-628-9737 to learn how to get started on your championship journey


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How I learned more from training 9-year olds than from training pro athletes

Steve Kinslow April 11, 2017

How I learned more from training 9-year olds than from training pro athletes

By Dr. Peter Gorman

As winter training slowly come to an end, athletes eagerly await the start of a new season. Nowhere is this more apparent, than in the sport of Baseball. The boys of summer are once again ready to set new records, and, hopefully, replace any previous disappointments with cheers and thrills. This goal of achievement relies heavily on the fact that, the winter training program was fundamentally sound and efficient in correcting weaknesses and forging new strengths.

 The winter training program has to realize that, like most sports, Baseball is a "True Agility" sport. Every movement on the field is decision-based, which, in essence, is the definition of True Agility. This requires not just great physical ability, but also great cognitive ability. Decision-based movement requires that you:

  • Recognize: The ball was hit left, the athlete must recognize that.  Or, the pitch is coming, recognition again starts the process. Our mental engagement begins with recognition of the stimulus.
  • Attend: Once the stimulus is recognized, the athlete must attend to it.  This is the “think” part of the game, as you observe the target in motion, predicting where it is headed. The ability to do this is, arguably, more important than any physical attribute
  • Decide: The athlete attends to the stimulus, while suppressing any distractors (no room to start right and then go left... too many moments would be wasted), and, then, decides what action is the right response.
  • Accept: Once you decide, your mind and body have to accept that decision by having the brain tell the body what to do.
  • React: once the stimulus is accepted, the athlete must now move and react to it.  Yes reaction is physical, but it is based in a cognitive process. The efficiency of the athlete's cognitive process, from recognition to reaction, is known as the athlete’s Speed of Processing (SOP).

How many coaches or trainers know the actual SOP of their players. It is amazing that terms like “bat speed,” or “exit velocity,” or “60-yard time” are thrown around with oohs and aahs.  If we do not know the athlete's SOP, then the fastest bat speed or 60-yard time might just be other wasted statistics.  Remember SOP is the time between Recognition and Reaction.  If SOP is slow, then Reaction is slow. If Reaction is slow, then the athlete plays slow, and “slow” is often “too late.” Fast bat speed, but slow in pulling the trigger... you are out.  Fast 60-yard time, but the athlete is slow to react to the pitcher releasing the pitch... you are out.

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) states this very clearly: “First move well, then move often. Moving well speaks to quality of movement and speed of processing (cognitive function). While moving often is not simply quantity but rather the capacity and adaptation that allow brain and body to function cohesively and optimally for life and sport." 

An efficient winter training program must understand the importance of cognition, and must be able to evaluate and correct any physical imbalances. It is well understood that all position players must be able and agile in all directions. Speed of left leg must equal speed of right leg.  Left-to-right acceleration must equal right-to-left acceleration. Anything less than this would create a favored side, and the need to compensate. How erroneous would it be to tell a player he has better range in a given direction, without giving him the reason and the way to fix it?

This past winter I had the privilege of working with baseball team of 9-year olds from my hometown of Mahopac NY. I say privilege because, in my 37 years of sport science I have had many professionals, Olympians and World Champions come through my doors.  The dedication these 9-year olds showed to learning and developing was second to none. At our first team meeting we discussed 3 important facts:

  • Correct Imbalances. Physical evaluations would be aimed at correcting weaknesses and imbalances. An athlete is only as strong as the athlete’s weakest link, Fix weaknesses before developing strengths. This eliminates the need for the athlete to compensate. Train the true athlete, not the compensatory process.
  • Train SOP. A fastball can reach the plate in 400 milliseconds, and the time to swing is approximately 175 milliseconds. This leaves only 225 milliseconds to recognize, attend, and react to the pitch. It was decided to train every athlete’s SOP, to faster than 200 milliseconds... quite a challenge for ballplayer of every age and ability.
  • Team first. Every athlete has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Help your team mate first... and create bonds that will last forever

Once the rules were set, we agreed on a Team statement: "Maybe no one on the Team will make it to MLB, but one thing is for certain... every athlete one day will graduate from the minor leagues of childhood, to the major leagues of adulthood... Let’s help each other be the best at this."

Being a USA Baseball contributor, a BFS science board member, a certified Microgate trainer, and a certified BrainHQ trainer, I made sure each child was evaluated and trained according to their standards.  

The incredible gold standard USA Baseball evaluation was performed for each athlete. This included game speed accelerations to determine the leg speed of each athlete, and the athlete’s accelerations (both right and left).  Broad jump was performed, not just along a tape measure, but in a modular OptoJump system so that contact time could be measured. This gave us a reactive strength index, so that we could ensure that, with training, each athlete’s flight time was improving, while their contact time was going down. The DRIFT protocol by Microgate was performed so that the power, contact time, and most importantly dynamic control of each leg of the athlete could be recorded in a series of 5 unilateral jumps. Physical reaction time was recorded by pairing a Microgate WITTY SEM countdown system with WITTY timing photocells to produce results accurate to a millisecond. Each athlete had their gait tested – both shod and barefoot. This gave the examiners the ability to make sure that each athlete’s sneakers were actually helping to reduce or eliminate any asymmetries in the movement cycle.  

semaphore training

We tested true agility by using Microgate WITTY Semiphores in a 4x4 box at two different levels of cognitive load.  Total times were recorded and compared under each cognitive load.  Any slowing of physical movement due to increased cognitive load was then baselined.  

By employing validated published tests from, actual brain Speed of Processing was recorded for each athlete to show double decision, eye for detail and single decision ability. This is where we recorded the greatest changes in athletic ability. At the beginning of the program average SOP was approximately 600 milliseconds for each athlete.  At the end of 12 weeks of training, average SOP improved to a super-fast 86 milliseconds.  Remember what we said before, you need at least 200 milliseconds to see and attend to the fastball.  The hitting coaches noticed the difference on the field. They reported that the athletes were understanding and picking up the ball sooner, and their “sense of game" was becoming clearer, which is a big advantage when called on to bat. Of great importance was the fact that BrainHQ, allowed us to track each athlete’s cognitive ability.  If, at any time, an athlete’s SOP slowed, questions were immediately raised about rest and fatigue.  This same understanding of SOP could be applied to contact sports where words like “CTE” and “concussion return to play” still prevail at an alarmingly high rate. Monitoring SOP has to be standard procedure for all.

The BFS Science lab was used extensively. BFS 6 Absolutes were employed at all training stations, both static and dynamic. Stand tall, eyes on target, big chest, etc. helped everyone in performing their needed training tasks. The BFS balance protocol was performed and monitored for each athlete. This ensured improved balance over time, and the avoidance of over-training. BFS Absolutes were combined with FMS corrective movements through all arcs of motion. It was constantly emphasized to... train the true athlete, not the compensatory process.

We used a slant board to make determinations of strengths and weaknesses for each position of the foot strike. Proprioceptive ability was monitored, to ensure improvements in Ground Contact Time (GCT).  Any athlete displaying any inefficiency was fitted with non-orthotic inserts from  We observed that this product helped with the balance ability of each athlete in an amazingly short amount of time. This led to improved performance that was objectively measured.

As strengths and weaknesses were determined, proper training interventions were employed for their correction. Knowing that you are only as strong as your weakest link, our athletes had a burning desire to understand their results and to improve upon them. No sense in building strength on an unstable foundation. Identifying and fixing weaknesses became the mantra of the program.

We started hearing from coaches parents and other observers that the players “hitting the cover off the ball’ or about how they were “reacting faster” and “getting to position faster.”,  I was very proud of our Team, when parents started to come to me and sais things like... “It’s no longer a struggle to get home work done,”  “he seems to understand and get it better, “ behavior and bed time are no longer a commotion” or “he is setting a better example for his younger siblings.” These comments struck home to the idea... we are preparing the children for the game of life…Baseball is just the vehicle we are using to do so.

I think head coach Sacco summed it up the best when he said... "You know you're doing something right when your boys would rather come to do their training than go to a birthday party or something else. They want to be here, they see the improvements they've made and they compete against each other here so intensely, while always understanding it’s Team first.  I see the level of quickness when we go the batting cages and the tremendous agility when reacting to ground balls and other drills.  I've talked to parents who tell me how much better they're child is doing in the classroom and at home.  With what I've seen in the short few months, I firmly believe every sports program at any level (boys & girls) should be doing this training.  Just the brain training alone speaks volumes and is great for knowing when an athlete can or is able to return to play after and injury.  I can't say enough how great I think this program is."

In summary, twelve 9-year old youth baseball players were trained for 12 weeks this winter at the Microgate USA headquarters.  Seeing how the sport of Baseball is a True agility sport, it was decided that a comprehensive cognitive and physical training program had to be employed.  Understanding cognition and speed of processing were very important to a successful program.  Remember, what the mind perceives, the body eventually achieves.  This gap delay between perception and achievement is the athlete’s reaction time.  Yes, the athlete needs great explosive ability to react, but if SOP is slow, reaction will be slow — no matter how well trained the explosive part is.  

Being able to evaluate and train at game speed was very important, for a successful program. The game should never be the trainer.  Training at high demand must be closely monitored. Objectively understanding the movement ability of each athlete and correcting it, as needed, helps significantly in injury prevention and movement efficiency.

I would like to personally thank USA Baseball, Bigger Faster Stronger, Microgate, Barefoot Science, BrainHQ, FMS and my great staff for their involvements in this great program. Thank you to Anne Shadle PhD, whose understandings on the cognitive side of sport, makes everything blend so seamlessly. Most importantly I would like to thank the coaches and especially the athletes, whose dedication and determination made this the most enlightening training program I have ever seen at any level. Much was learned and many will be helped because of it.  

As we all learn and share ideas, the impossibilities of today will fade, and the achievements of tomorrow will be greater than ever.

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Record Keeping is Central to the BFS Total Program

Amy Kaufusi April 06, 2017

Record Keeping is Central to the BFS Total Program

You Can't Break Records if you don't Keep Records

Tech items for the coach and athlete to bring your workout into the 21st Century! 15% OFF Use code 0417WETS

Now you can get BFS's famous Set-Rep Log system
for your computer, tablet, and phone.

You can keep the simplicity of our Set-Rep Log books, but get the management functions and portability of a phone app. App includes predefined weekly schedules with recommended lifts for all common sports. Customize your weekly schedule using any lift on any day. Add the lifts you want. Coaches or administrators can see all teams and athletes at a glance, including scores, records broken, and trends for any one athlete or any team. Athletes can enter their own scores on their phone or tablet and immediately see how many records they've broken and their trends.

15% OFF Use code 0417WETS at checkout!

BFS has set up an entire category of our tech products that available through April for 15% off. Get our Tech Protectors to safely keep your phones and tablets out of the way in your weight room - 15% off. Get our True Squat Strap for use with our True Squat App - 15% off. Get out tried and true Beat the Computer program for your PC - 15% off. 15% OFF Use code 0417WETS at checkout!

For our coaches who are committed to the original Set Rep Logbook we are even including these perennial best sellers in the April sale!

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Amy Kaufusi March 22, 2017


BFS has a sincere and ongoing commitment to Physical Education. This week we were in Boston for the 2017 SHAPE convention where hundreds of teachers and administrators braved blizzard conditions to learn more about helping their students be their best. 

At the Boston SHAPE 2017convention we ran into Bob McBride, IAHPERD Executive Director, who had a chance to chat about BFS's 10 year run attending and speaking at the Illinois State IAHPERD Convention. BFS attends many state level SHAPE conventions so look for us in your state soon!


Shop BFS to get your championship inspiring weight room

Special Plate Loaded SALE through March.
Save 20% on every model - Upper Body, Lower Body, All Plate Loaded machines!
Use Discount Code 0317WEPL at checkout!

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Program, People, Product

Steve Kinslow March 10, 2017

Program, People, Product

WRSC  Camps Clinics
You have just received funds to improve your athletic facility, now what?

Abridged, Read the Full Article Here: Before taking any action, ask yourself, “How can this money improve our facility to optimize the performance of our athletes and enhance the health and wellness of our students?” Unless we first address potential problem areas – in the equipment, the space, the level of instruction or the ages of the students and athletes – we’re sure to face unnecessary financial and physical costs later.
Here is the most effective and efficient process I have found as an athlete, educator and parent for building a safe and fiscally responsible program for the highest level of athletic performance: The 3 P’s: Program, People, Product.


Although it’s not possible to predict every bump in the road, we can prepare for human error in the interest of minimizing it. For instance, as tempting as it is to fill our facilities with expensive new equipment, doing so will not guarantee that our students will make amazing gains in performance. The determining factor here is the program. We can all agree that for athletes to reach their performance goals, they must be taught to use the new facility and new equipment in a safe and effective manner. The BFS Total Program is designed to deliver appropriate instruction and practice to all students in a safe and effective manner.
The BFS Total Program provides the most solid foundation possible for highly competitive interscholastic programs as well as physical education programs for the student body.


Although many institutions produce outstanding teachers and coaches, they commonly neglect to address methods of conducting safe, efficient and effective teaching in the weight room for large numbers of students and athletes.
Over my career of 50 years, I have had the opportunity to visit hundreds of schools and colleges around the country. It disturbs me to see weight-rooms in which the lifting instruction is poor, technically incorrect or completely nonexistent. Inadequate supervision leads to injury and the potential for litigation.
Among other requirements, teachers and coaches must be present in the weight training facility and must provide appropriate instruction in both lifting and spotting skills.
Safety concerns have led to the recent mandate by the NCAA requiring that weight rooms in their institutions be supervised by certified coaches. Although there is no specific certification required, the BFS Weight Room Safety Certification is clearly the best because only BFS addresses the class organization and progression of instruction necessary to train large numbers of students and athletes in the weight room.
Administrators must provide for the professional development of their staff. The best way to ensure they are qualified to deliver safe, efficient and effective programs is through intensive hands-on practical instruction, evaluation of their teaching skills and testing of their knowledge. This in fact describes the curriculum of the BFS Weight room Safety Certification.


Tools are important in just about any endeavor. In interscholastic and intercollegiate sports, or physical education, there never seems to be enough money, time or space for the tools of our trade. Therefore, it is imperative that we unify our program and unify our people. Together, we can select great equipment that satisfies program requirements and fulfills learning objectives for the greatest number of students, athletes and stakeholders.
Let’s make this simple: Just as the architect creates a physical structure, the administrator is the creative “architect” of the educational structures that will provide for the needs of many stakeholders. By following the model of the 3P’s we create the structure necessary to support the functions agreed upon by the stake-holders.

Read the Full Article in the BFS Magazine Archives

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Plate Loaded Equipment Delivers on a Budget

Steve Kinslow March 03, 2017

Plate Loaded Equipment Delivers on a Budget

Sport Specific Answers on Budget

Selectorized equipment is certainly a time-saver. To change resistance the user only has to move a pin attached to the weight stack, and the machines tend to take up less space than plate-loaded equipment, especially when weight holders are required. But in terms of performance, there is no difference between selectorized machines and plate-loaded variations. There is, however, one major advantage of plate-loaded equipment: cost.

Adding a weight stack to an exercise machine significantly increases the cost of the unit. Also, due to the weight of the machines, shipping and handling costs are also higher. Whereas a plate-loaded machine may cost $800 plus $200 to ship, it’s possible that the exact same machine in a selectorized version may cost $1,600 plus $400 to ship – seriously, almost double. In today’s economy, that is an important distinction.

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Carson Jones February 13, 2017


Benches are at the center of many of the strength exercises you need!
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Whether you call it a posterior chain movement or a BFS auxiliary exercise, the glute-ham raise is a must for every serious strength and conditioning program.

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It is pretty basic. You need bars. Now all made in the USA bars are on sale.

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InService Certification Day Improves Your Entire
PE and Athletics Program

Reduce Liability - Improve Self Esteem - Develop Lifelong Fitness
Inspire Your Students and Teams Be Their Best

Being Weight Room safety, strength and conditioning certified is a major step in reducing liability while improving your student's physical development. The WRSC is a complete, hands on, course that fully instructs teachers and coaches on how to safely teach a weight lifting class while inspiring students to achieve more.

Whether you are teaching an introductory PE unit or coaching the varsity team, having a WRSC certification gives you the tools to get results in your weight room.

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STRENGTH, SPEED, AGILITY - BFS IS INTRODUCING NEW CAMPS AND CLINICS TO HELP YOU WIN IN 2017. Keep an eye on the BFS Camps and Clinics page to learn when new speed and weight room consultations will be available in your area!

Read this month's inspiring story on District wide commitment to kids AND coaches with BFS Certification in New Mexico
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Steve Kinslow February 07, 2017


High school athletes come in all sizes, but their training should be unified.

When the strength coaching profession was in its infancy in the 1970s, it was difficult to find information about periodization. Much of the material appeared only in articles published in expensive journals or a few hard-to-acquire books, many not available in English. All that has changed in today’s computer age, but easier access comes with its own set of problems.
For starters, much of the information available about periodization has been poorly translated. For example, here is an excerpt from a textbook written by one of the foremost experts on periodization, the late sport scientist Yuri Verkhoshansky: “The perfectioning of a basketball player’s technical-tactical arsenal is also associated with the growth of their functional preparedness and the rise in the stability of the specific motor habits towards the developing fatigue.” It’s a pain to decipher phrasing like this, and any coach reading it will quickly lose interest.

At the high school level the BFS program is great for all athletes, but it’s uniquely suited for multisport athletes, due in large part to the BFS Set-Rep System and logbooks. There are several advantages for young athletes who elect to play multiple sports, even those who aspire to earn college scholarships.

Contact us now and start taking your program to the next level of physical superiority. 800-628-9737

Multisport high school athletes should squat year-round and strive to break personal records in the exercise year-round.

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Hex Bar for Athletic Superiority

Steve Kinslow February 02, 2017

Hex Bar for Athletic Superiority

Forty years ago the deadlift was one of the core exercises we encouraged athletes to perform year-round. BFS pushed this great core exercise in our early years because it was unparalleled in developing the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. We still believe that, but the fact is that we soon played less emphasis on it because we found something better.

What we’ve learned in working with young athletes is that regardless of what type of deadlift and athlete does, the exercise must be performed with the lower back “locked in” to protect the spine. When record poundages are used, there is a tendency for the athlete to round the lower back, thereby diverting some of the load from the muscles onto the connective tissues and disks. A belt helps, providing postural feedback to the lifter that he or she is breaking form, but the best insurance for protecting the lower back is to use a hex bar.

The hex bar places less stress on the lower back and more stress on the legs. Consider the following study: “A Biomechanical Analysis of Straight and Hexagonal Barbell Deadlifts Using Submaximal Loads,” published in the July 2011 issue of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. The researchers found that compared the to the straight bar deadlift, the hex bar deadlift produced “significantly greater peak force, peak velocity and peak power values.”

A research study published a year later showed that the hex bar is a superior method of performing not just deadlifts, but also squat jumps. The study was called, “Effect of Load Positioning on the Kinematics and Kinetics of Weighted Vertical Jumps.” It was published in the April 2012 issue of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

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First Issue of 2017 Now Available

Steve Kinslow January 13, 2017

First Issue of 2017 Now Available

The January issue is packed with inspiration 

Amanda Vesti is a motivating young cross country runner who has exceeded expectations and shocked her entire state with her 2016 exploits! Her coach, Paul Dick, credits her success to building a proper power to body weight ratio with BFS Core Lifts. Her increased metabolism from strength training helped Amanda run faster while maintaining a cross country physique.
BFS Feature Story: Amanda Vestri: Running Strong the BFS Way..... pg6

Commitment and cooperation are making a difference in New Mexico. When challenges such as shrinking budgets and staff for physical fitness and athletic fitness training happen to a school district, administrators look for creative answers. The Central Consolidated School District in New Mexico found such an answer with the BFS Unified Program.
BFS Feature Story: New Mexico’s BFS Approach to Coaching Coaches and Kids... pg12

The deadlift was one of the core exercises we encouraged athletes to perform year-round. BFS pushed this great core exercise in our early years because it was unparalleled in developing the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. We still believe that, but the fact is that we soon played less emphasis on it because we found something better - THE HEX BAR!

Training and Equipment: Hex Bar Training for Athletic Superiority... pg17


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BFS Whats Happening

Steve Kinslow January 05, 2017

BFS Whats Happening


Strength Training - Character Building
In-Season - Off-Season - This Free Issue covers it all!

The BFS Total Program is a comprehensive system with one goal. To help young people be the best they can be in athletics, in academics, and in life. In this issue of BFS Magazine we have assembled articles for the archives to help you get started!

Because The Total Program is a broad system it can appear intimidating to new users, however at its core it is about incremental improvement over time. Implementing this program has proven over 40 years that this simple idea teaches valuable life skills from goal setting to personal responsibility. Coaching the Total Program in PE or athletics gets easier every week because students and athletes WANT to improve and through diligent record keeping seeing themselves improving, week in and week out.

Flexibility, agility, strength and teamwork training can happen in the timeframe of high school schedules, BFS has been doing it for 40 years. Let us show you how. Start with this free issue of BFS Magazine and see what championship results could be on your horizon!

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Bob Rowbotham’s  Tradition of Excellence

Steve Kinslow December 20, 2016

Bob Rowbotham’s Tradition of Excellence

Bob Rowbotham BFS CEO

40 Years Strong In 1979 Bob Rowbotham joined the Bigger Faster Stronger team as a clinician, and eventually took over the company as president and later CEO. Although there have been many advances in the fields of athletic and physical fitness since BFS headquarters opened its doors, the principles BFS was founded on have not changed. Coach Rowbotham has made certain of that.

“The BFS program originated from working with world-class track and field athletes, athletes who often displayed exceptional levels of strength, power, and explosiveness,” says Rowbotham. “When the company started, the only athletes who were using the weight room were football players and the throwers in track and field. Consequently, BFS was perceived to be a football program, it’s taken a long time change that perception.”

Committed to Athletics and PE Rowbotham and his staff spread the word about BFS by attending conventions for state and national physical education organizations, such as SHAPE America. The appeal of BFS grew as sports coaches, strength coaches, and physical education instructors saw the benefit of working together in a unified program. Rowbotham says that the BFS principles have been verified by scientific research, such as the superiority of the hex bar deadlift over the straight bar deadlift.

WRSC Certification “Our certifications started in 2005 because of the concern about safety and liability in the school environment, and because weight training was becoming more popular with athletes in other sports and students involved in physical education classes. These topics would be better addressed in a specific seminar for those administrating the program, rather than a general clinic for both coaches and athletes.”

School System “One of the biggest challenges is in the structure of the circumulum. We don’t have the physical requirements for physical education that we had 20 years ago. Based upon our experience, when the weight room is set up correctly, weight training becomes one of the most popular classes in the PE curriculum. Schools that have developed an elective program in conjunction with the athletic team environment is where BFS has grown the most.”

Multi Sport Athletes Because the competitive sports environment is so much higher today, Rowbotham believes it’s especially important for athletes to be involved in the weight room. “Coaches, athletes, and parents understand that now. They also understand that strength is just one component of developing the total athlete. Strength training, in conjunction with other aspects of conditioning, presented in a format that produces progressive gains over time that can be measured objectively, is key to the success of BFS.” 

Six Absolutes. “The Six Absolutes improves the quality of coaching by ensuring that everyone is on the same page in their use of terminology teaching optimal technique, not just in the weight room but also during sports performance. It also creates a repetitive educational environment, making for a more efficient teaching environment. This is especially important when working with large groups of athletes.”


“BFS started in the competitive athletic environment, but it has evolved into much more than that. We are concerned about the well-being of all young people, even those who do not participate in sports. One of our mottos is that BFS is about “Coaches Helping Coaches,” and that’s true. But the bottom line is that what we do is about helping kids.”

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