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Strength and Agility Sale

Steve Kinslow December 12, 2016

Strength and Agility Sale

Whether you need to store bars, kettlebells, bumpers or plates BFS has a solution for you. Keeping your weight room clean and organized is one of the most important things you can do to make you training safe and effective. Take advantage of this amazing sale to take your weight room to the next level!

Every weight room needs to be kept organized for optimal results! BFS can help! Every STORAGE RACK we sell at 25% off! Use discount code 1216WRS25


Speed and Strength is a vital component in any athletic endeavor and we assembled a Special Speed and Strength Collection of products including 3 models of Glute Ham Developers, squat racks, bars, agility ladders, dot drill pads and much more.
All 20% Off Speed! Use discount code 1116WESP

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BFS Leadership Program Exposes Young Leaders to Top Coaches  in Athletics and Sports Science

Steve Kinslow November 14, 2016

BFS Leadership Program Exposes Young Leaders to Top Coaches in Athletics and Sports Science

BFS is proud to work with great young leaders from Maryland and Utah

In the first week of November BFS hosted our Leadership Program which exposes top students and athletes to real world applications of leadership. Coach Kyle Fiat and Athletic Director Rich Reed from Dulaney High School in Maryland, accompanied four leaders from the Lion's Lacrosse program to Salt Lake City to learn from top coaches and researchers in the world athletics.
During this amazing visit the young men were treated to a visit with the Utah Jazz Director of Sports Science Mark McKown. McKown is a 19 year veteran of the Jazz where he is continually learning new ways to bring his athletes and organization to their full potential. McKown's implementation of applied sports science makes the Jazz one of the NBA's most progressive franchises.
Learning from leaders at the highest level of their fields made this weekend a program that will have a lasting impact on these growing leaders.

BFS is working hard to bring new and exciting services and trainings to all our valued schools and customers. Stay tuned to this newsletter and to learn more about all new Speed and Agility Camps coming in 2017.

Bring BFS In-Service Certification into your school this year and make a difference - Call 800-628-9737 to learn how to get started on your championship journey.
BFS launches even more help to protect your school and empower your programs with weight room consulting in 2017.


With 20% Off our commercial grade Varsity line every budget can outfit a complete weight room or augment an existing room with the commercial grade equipment needed to excel!
20% Offuse discount code 1116WEVA

Speed is a vital component in any athletic endeavor and we assembled a Special Speed and Agility Collection of products including 3 models of Glute Ham Developers, squat racks, bars, agility ladders, dot drill pads and much more.
All 20% Off!
use discount code 1116WESP

Every program needs bumpers to complete the cycle and we are offering every bumper we sell at 20% off!
20% Off Bumpers use discount code 1116WEBP1

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BFS Magazine From the Editor - Up Front by Kim Goss

Steve Kinslow November 01, 2016

BFS Magazine From the Editor - Up Front by Kim Goss

Up Front from the editor:

Staying in the Game

It’s been said that the number of sports medicine clinics in the US is growing at such a fast pace that by the year 2019 they will all be connected by a giant walkway. That’s a joke. What’s not a joke is seeing a large number of athletes disappearing from high school athletes to specialize in a single sport.

While is true that to achieve the highest levels in most sports, early specializing often does more harm than good for most young athletes. First, most young kids don’t know what sport they have the most potential to excel in at the highest level, or what sport they will enjoy the most.

A father who played baseball may put their son in Little League, but perhaps this young athlete has poor hand-eye coordination yet has the physical gifts to be an exceptional middle-distance runner or cyclist? Likewise, a mother was distance runner may encourage her daughter to (literally) follow in her footsteps, but perhaps this young person is gifted with fast-twitch fibers and would be better off in gymnastics or basketball? Only by exposing children to a variety of sports will they be able to determine which sports are best suited for them.

Read the full article in this month's FREE BFS Magazine - Download Here


Kim Goss, MS  Editor in Chief, BFS magazine

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Steve Kinslow September 07, 2016

Constant Improvement


BFS has spent 40 years helping coaches and athletes succeed through our Total Program and high quality American made equipment. The core system has changed very little in that time and modern research has shown that the fundamental approach taught be BFS is very effective for developing young athletes in every sport. That being said BFS is always looking for incremental improvement to our program and our equipment.
A great case in point is the 2016 version of the 4-Way Neck Developer. Now with height adjustments both the above the swing arm and below the seat almost every athlete can get the perfect fit. Also improved in this year’s model is a quick adjusting seat to move athletes through their exercises quickly and efficiently.


25 Percent Off Elite

Available in both 11 Gauge Elite standard or the 7 Gauge Elite Plus this line of American made weight room equipment is the center piece of thousands of weight rooms across the country. Now is your chance to join the tradition of championship quality weight rooms at an amazing price. Includes custom color selection at no extra price.

Whether you are looking ot install a complete weight room or if you just need to add a specific item to complete your existing facility the BFS Elite and Elite Plus lines have what you need. Don't miss this saving opportunity!

Discount Code Elite Line: 0916EL25
Discount Code Elite Plus Line: 0916EL25PL

Need Bumpers for your weight room? 25% Off Bumpers Extended for 1 More Week!

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Pick Your Spots

Steve Kinslow August 15, 2016

Pick Your Spots

Originally Published in the July 2016 BFS Magazine

In working with high school athletes in my area, one challenge I’ve found is convincing coaches that it’s important to lift hard in-season. It’s a message that BFS has been preaching for the past 40 years.

Take the example of track and field, specifically high school sports where I live. There is the indoor season, the outdoor season, and in the summer the sport can continue with amateur competitions run by the AAU and USTAF. Let’s break down the outdoor season.

First, there are the dual meets, held on Saturday, which have schools compete against a neighboring school in their division. These are important, so coaches don’t want their athletes to be lifting hard later in the week – if at all. Usually there are four of these.

On the weekends where there is no dual meet, there are invitational meets that allow athletes in lower division schools to compete against tougher competitions – these are especially important for athletes in the lower divisions as they draw attention of the schools offering scholarships. So it’s important to back of training on the weeks those competitions are held. 

As the season progresses you have the state championships, multiple-state championships, and then national championships. All of these competitions are important, so again, the athletes need to back off the heavy iron during the weeks those competitions are held. Often, coaches will not do any weight training during those weeks.

The problem here is that by attempting to peak for all these competitions, you can’t reach the highest peak for the most important competitions. The best an athlete can do is maintain whatever strength they developed before the season started. What’s the answer?

I came across an article written by BFS founder Dr. Greg Shepard more than 30 years ago. He shared the following advice about in-season training, advice that BFS still promotes today:

1. Train just twice a week

2. Train for just 30 minutes

3. Do the BFS Core lifts and no more than two auxiliary lifts

4. Follow the BFS Set-Rep Program

5. Progress! Don’t be satisfied with maintaining.

On that last point, Coach Shepard said that it’s important for high school athletes not to follow the training systems of college athletes. “The philosophy of maintaining in college is acceptable, but it is loaded with big problems at the high school levels. A college athlete normally plays only one sport. If a high school athlete plays multiple sports, what is he or she going to do – maintain all year? Let your competition do that. Don’t be satisfied with maintaining. Get going! It’s fun to get stronger. You’ll play better, feel better and be more confident.”

Kim Goss, MS
Editor in Chief, BFS magazine

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Run the Total Program on your Terms

Carson Jones March 14, 2016

Run the Total Program on your Terms

You Decide How you want to run the Program

The BFS Total Program is a proven path to athletic excellence. Over 40 years thousands of teams have improved thier records and won districts, divisions and championships after implementing the Total Program. 

Boys, girls, soccer, football, volleyball or track - it does not matter, running faster and jumping higher will improve your winning chances. And strength training and conditioning will build your speed and power. The BFS Total Program provides a clear system of record keeping so you know that the training done in the weight room is translating to results on the field of play.

The BFS Advantage

BFS has the advantage of working directly with high school coaches and teachers for 40 years and understands the constraints for time student athletes have. Consequently we know of no other progam that can successfully improve every athlete and student on your team or in your class. With this progam every athlete, every player will break at least 8 personal records in strength and performance EVERY WEEK! 

Run the Total Program


Athletes Fill-Out a Form Using Current Core and Auxiliary Lifts

Enter the Lifts into the Computer, which Calculates the Precise Weights for Each Set and Creates Individual, Sport-Specific Workouts. At the Beginning of Each Week Simply Print Out the Athlete’s BFS Set-Rep Program Weekly Workout Schedule. Athletes Scores can be Updated at Any Time, or the Program Will Automatically Increase the Difficulty Level of the Workout

The Set Rep Log Books

The 40 year book anniversary of the BFS Sets and Rep has seen the Set Rep Log book grow to speed and performance records to help you keep and break records every week.

The Set Rep Log Book is a 40 Page Record Keeping Book, for All Athletes, Regardless of Sport.   Complete Instructions and 24 Full Pages to Record: Sets and Reps Personal Records Times and Much More Designed to Last One Year

The Set Rep Log App 

Moving from paper Set Rep Log Books to the web based, electronic Set Rep Log App is facilitated by a trio of video tutorials that introduce the App to Administrators, Coaches and Athletes.

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Free February Magazine Live and  BFS Set Rep App Explained!

Steve Kinslow February 23, 2016

Free February Magazine Live and BFS Set Rep App Explained!

This month's issue includes a number of great stories - our Athlete Of The Year, Athletic Strength Training for Boxing and Keeping Track of Success. This excerpt explains how BFS is moving forward and giving Coaches all the tools they need to run the BFS Total Program in a modern weight room! Download the Full Magazine Here

With the advancement of technology and the push for integrated PE program, BFS set about developing an app for the BFS Set/Rep Log Book. Because the app is based on the web, BFS offers this software across any device or operating system with a web browser.
The BFS Set/Rep Logbook App keeps the simplicity of our Set-Rep Log Books while providing the management functions and portability of a phone app. Predefined weekly schedules are included with core and auxiliary lifts for all major high school sports.You can also customize your weekly schedule using any lift on any day, add any lifts you want from hundreds of included exercises.
Coaches or administrators will love this app, they can see the data on their teams and athletes at a glance. Data includes scores, records, and trends for athlete or team. Athletes enter their scores on their phone or tablet and see how many records they've broken.  
Just like our Set-Rep Log Book, the app (supervised by the coaches) guides each athlete in which lifts to do, and how many sets and reps to do each week. The weight lifted for each set is determined by the individual athlete based on their past performance for that lift.  
The BFS Set/Rep App keeps the simplicity of our Set-Rep Log Books while providing the management functions and portability of a phone app.
The BFS Total Program enables every athlete to make personal records, often several personal records, every single workout – even in-season. Whether you decide to use BFS Logbooks, the Beat the Computer Pro, or the BFS Set/Rep Logbook App, you now how the tools to set goals and achieve success.... Download the Full Magazine Here

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GHD For Speed!

Steve Kinslow February 09, 2016

GHD For Speed!

The Glute Ham Developer The GHD has been the number 1 auxiliary exercise for the BFS Total Program since it's inception 40 years ago. Now in the last decade this posterior chain essential has gained respect and understanding across many athletic and fitness training programs. Whether getting through the WOD at your local box or building speed in a Division 1 weight room, the GHD is now seen everywhere!

Developing the posterior chain has perhaps the biggest effect on athletic performance of any muscle group and the trifecta of squats, cleans and the GHD is the key to these powerful muscles. Read more about proper and effective use of the BFS GHD in this article from the BFS Magazine archives: 

A Closer Look at the Glute Ham Raise 

Download the Guidebook here: Glute Ham Developer Manual

Like all training from Coach BFS we believe proper technique is CRITICAL to finding success and getting amazing results from employing this exercise. Remember championships are won on the court or field of play so train hard but train smart. Incremental improvement week over week will build your speed and help ensure you are available to compete on game day!

BFS offers 4 distinct models of the GHD to fit your program and budget!

BXI Model GHD for Box Style Workouts

D1 Model Heaviest-duty 3" x 3" Steel Frame glute-ham developer Built to accommodate even the largest athletes

Roller Glute Ham Developer - Great for beginners 

BFS Glute Ham Our most popular GHD used in thousands of weight rooms 


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40 Years and Growing Stronger

Steve Kinslow February 05, 2016

40 Years and Growing Stronger

There is no shortage of social media outlets that promise you the best athletic training system for young athletes. There are good programs, and there are some that are…well, not so good. What separates BFS from all of them is our 40-year history of success. That’s right – four decades!

Dr. Greg Shepard founded BFS in 1976, and his vision has been carried on by CEO Bob Rowbotham and his son, BFS President John Rowbotham. Joining them are a team of clinicians that include certified teachers and active coaches. These clinicians know the difference between the type of optimal training used by Olympians and professional athletes, and the reality of working in the school environment with multi-sport athletes.

The mission of Bigger Faster Stronger is to encourage positive changes in the lives of young people, and it does this through a three-tiered approach to meet the needs of athletes, coaches and school administrators.

For athletes and physical education students, we offer seminars and clinics on character education and athletic fitness training. For coaches and physical educators, we offer certification programs and continuing education materials that teach how to increase the safety and effectiveness of their sports and physical education programs through the concept of unification. For administrators and gym owners responsible for making equipment-purchasing decisions, we offer the highest-quality exercise equipment that fits any budget along with a knowledgeable sales staff to take them facilities from concept to completion.

One key to our long-term success is our emphasis on unification. Unification is the concept that all high school and middle school athletes will adhere to the same basic training philosophy. This means that all athletes, from football players to basketball players to swimmers, perform the same core weight training exercises, the same speed and agility exercises, and the same flexibility and plyometric exercises. Such organization improves athletic performance and reduces teaching time, as well as preventing many administrative hassles and personality conflicts.

One aspect of unification is our promotion of Six Absolutes, which are training principles that are amazingly effective in teaching perfect technique not only in the weightroom but also in any sport. One reason the BFS Six Absolutes are so effective is that they encourage all coaches to use the same terminology when teaching weight training and sport skills.

Another important part of our organization is the BFS Readiness Program. This is a complete strength and conditioning system designed for those who are not yet ready to engage in weight training programs performed by more physically mature athletes. The focus of the BFS Readiness Program is on developing perfect technique in all the basic components of athletic fitness, giving athletes a head start when they graduate to the BFS Total Program.

To help young people fulfill their potential in all areas of their life, BFS offers a character education program called Be an 11. This program is designed to inspire student-athletes to set worthy goals, both athletic and personal, and then help them develop action plans to achieve those goals. Along the way, they learn about the importance of making positive choices, maintaining their self- respect, and being team players and role models for others.

In the world of social networking, since 1980 Bigger Faster Stronger has been the official magazine of our company. A bimonthly, full-color print publication, BFS is full of inspirational success stories, advice from top coaches and sport scientists, and the latest information on liability and safety. BFS also has an outstanding website that answers all your questions about our programs and athletic training equipment, and also provides a link to the BFS Online Learning Center for the latest in multimedia education for strength and athletic fitness training.

For strength training, athletes need free weights: power racks, benches, barbells, and dumbbells. For speed, must-haves included plyometric boxes, pulling sleds, and systems for measuring speed and jumping ability. At first, our single line of equipment was enough, as the focus was on providing high school coaches with quality equipment at the lowest price. Later, we expanded our products to serve the needs of all athletic and physical fitness programs. We have our highest quality D1 line, our heavy duty Elite line, the  functional Varsity line, our bold Absolute Oval line, and most recently our BXI line that includes the racks, rigs and strongman training accessories to accommodate the popular “boot camp” workouts.

 There’s a vast number of strength and conditioning programs available currently, and coaches no doubt will be exposed to many more programs during their careers. But with its proven track record that spans four decades, BFS stands apart as the leading company in helping young athletes succeed.

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BFS Celebrates 40 Years with Expanded Publishing Schedule

Steve Kinslow January 26, 2016

BFS Celebrates 40 Years with Expanded Publishing Schedule

2016 marks the 40th anniversary of Bigger Faster Stronger. Celebrate with Free Shipping Through March!

Founded by Dr. Greg Shepard, the leadership now rests in the hands of CEO Bob Rowbotham and President John Rowbotham. The mission of Bigger Faster Stronger is to encourage positive changes in the lives of young people, which we do through clinics, seminars, certifications and our multi-media network. It also offers several lines of equipment to fulfill the needs of any physical fitness or athletic training program. We’ve been going strong for 40 years, and we are looking forward to 40 more!

Keep up with every exciting development in the world of BFS as we begin our next 40 years! Our digital magazine is now published 12 times a year. Engaging articles to inspire, train and motivate you are always a click away. The pdf format is easy to share with students and other coaches and teachers.

Download your copy today!

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Be an 11! The Case for Character Education

Carson Jones December 09, 2015

Be an 11! The Case for Character Education

Every year BFS clinicians visit numerous schools and youth organizations to give Be an 11 presentations that guide young people in setting worthy goals, both athletic and personal, and then help them develop action plans to achieve these goals. The Be an 11 program shows young people the importance of making positive choices, maintaining their self-respect and being team players and role models for others. The Be an 11 program is simply about being successful in all areas of life.
Elevens are young men and women who try to do the right thing all the time, even if criticized. They follow and believe in these three rules for success:
Rule #1: I am worth my highest goal. I deserve success. I will walk, talk, think and act like that successful person I want to be.
Rule #2: I will surround myself with positive people, places and things. I refuse to associate with any person, place or thing that creates negativity or mediocrity.
Rule #3: Nothing, absolutely nothing, will stop me from being an Eleven.
Almost everyone is an Eleven some of the time. However, let’s be realistic – no one is an Eleven all the time. The goal is to be an Eleven more of the time. For some, this goal might seem overwhelming, but there are hundreds of practical tools to help, and these are discussed in Be an 11 clinics. That’s where the Be an 11 seminar comes in.


Read the full article in the Free BFS Magazine - Download here!

BFS Camps Booked in 2015 are eligable for 25% Off - Call 800-628-9737 for dates and details

The BFS Elite line 25% Off! Use Discount Code 1215PCEL

Our Number one best selling racks, benches and platforms of all time are now on sale through December. Simply shop the store and enter Discount Code 1215PCEL at checkout to take advantage of these savings!

BFS Elite Plus racks, platforms and benches, built with 2" x 3" and 2" x 2", 7 gauge steel, are the foundation for countless championship quality weight rooms. Weight training is the basis for any athletic endeavor. Whether it is basketball, football, soccer, track or volleyball the Elite line from BFS is the straightest path to stronger and more athletic teams.

Available in "Elite Plus" 7 gauge steel and "Elite" 11 gauge steel

Discounts cannot be combined Call 800-628-9737 to ensure your get the maximum savings!

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BFS 101, Strength - Training and Equipment

Steve Kinslow December 07, 2015

BFS 101, Strength - Training and Equipment

Elite LineD1 LineBXI Line

BFS 101, Strength - Training and Equipment

BFS has been in the business of building championship quality weight rooms since 1976. With our Total Program, BFS has helped turn around more high schools programs in every sport than any other strength and athletic development system. Now more streamlined and advanced than ever, getting your athletes in and out of the weight room is facilitated with your choice of recording methods. The classic Set Rep Log Book is time tested, the brand new Set Rep Log App takes advantage of web based recording, and the Beat The Computer program delivers with built in incremental improvement goals.

Like the Total Program the BFS line of Made in the USA equipment has expanded and grown. As weight room demands have evolved so has BFS. The BFS Elite Line of equipment is the standard for thousands of weight room in thousands of high schools. For the highest profile room BFS has the D1 Line, sure inspire record breaking advances in every athlete. With more non-traditional spaces being used for weight rooms and space always at a premium BFS has the BXI Line of modular, tough and versatile rigs that allow you to get exactly the room you need!

Rediscover the passion of the all new BFS as we move into a phenomenal 40th year!

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15 Minutes on Implementing the BFS Total Program

Steve Kinslow November 04, 2015

15 Minutes on Implementing the BFS Total Program

The BFS Total Program is a proven path to athletic excellence. Over 40 years thousands of teams have improved thier records and won districts, divisions and championships after implementing the Total Program.

Boys, girls, soccer, football, volleyball or track - it does not matter, running faster and jumping higher will improve your winning chances. And strength training and conditioning will build your speed and power. The BFS Total Program provides a clear system of record keeping so you know that the training done in the weight room is translating to results on the field of play.

BFS Advantage

BFS has the advantage of working directly with high school coaches and teachers for 40 years and understands the constraints for time student athletes have. Consequently we know of no other progam that can successfully improve every athlete and student on your team or in your class. With this progam every athlete, every player will break at least 8 personal records in strength and performance EVERY WEEK!

Path to Success

BFS offers a number of paths to installing the Total Program from the "Total Program Package" to our Two Day Championship Camps. Right now through the end of the year BFS is offering 25% off Two Day Championship Camps booked before Dec 31st. However dates do fill up quickly and we encourage you to contact a BFS rep (800-628-9737) to ensure you get the dates you need.

This is the year you can make a difference the legacy of your team and school!

25% Off BFS Championship Camps - Call 800-628-9737

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3 Minutes on why 40 Years of BFS  Means Success For You!

Steve Kinslow October 28, 2015

3 Minutes on why 40 Years of BFS Means Success For You!


The Championship Camp begins with a "coaches only" breakout session to get the staff up to speed on how the Total Program provides results through record keeping and goal setting. Then the student-athletes get two days of coaching and education on correct lifting, speed, plyometrics, all the while breaking personal records every week!

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Steve Kinslow October 19, 2015

3 Minutes on Power Balance with the Lunge

BFS Championship Camps promote strength, agility and speed which add up to "power balance". Power balance is important in all sports, for boys and girls. Football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer, wrestling and in track: hurdles, high jump, long jump, pole vault, discus, shot put, javelin and more. Whenever an athlete needs to change direction explosively and transfer quickly from one leg to the other, power balance is required. Lunges are fantastic for that purpose.

Lunges are a highly regarded BFS Auxiliary exercise. Lunges develop power balance. Each leg is forced to work independently from each other. Also, there is no stress on the lower back especially when dumbbells are used. Lunges are wonderful for the hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes.

We begin junior high and high school athletes on lunges without any weight. We want to get the correct movement down. As in all lifts, technique is vitally important with lunges. Start with a narrow stance and step out. The challenge is to see if the athlete can come back to the starting position smoothly.

Once an athlete masters the lunge movement with a long stride , then dumbbells can be used. Most of the time this can be the same day. Beginners should use dumbbells and not a barbell. There are some dangers when using a barbell. If you get in trouble balance-wise, all you do is let go of the dumbbells. The advantage of using a barbell is the athlete may gain a little in balance and development. Therefore, after an athlete has thoroughly mastered the lunge technique with perfect balance, he may wish to switch from dumbbells to the barbell.

Often, because of lack of stations and barbells , using dumbbells is the best, safest, way to utilize space and equipment.

Sets and Rep

Do two sets of ten reps for the basic off-season workout. Normally, we only do these on Wednesdays but doing them twice per week is OK. Also, if you wanted to do a third set of ten, you could, but no more. We normally do not record how much we do on our record card, partially because we don’t max out on this lift. Just put on enough to get a great workout with perfect technique technique.

The Six Absolutes

Those who have had BFS Clinics marvel at the similarity of our coaching guidelines on all phases of our program. It doesn’t matter if we are jumping, sprinting, stretching or squatting, we say eyes straight ahead, sit tall , spread the chest and lock-in the lower back. It is no different with lunges. Learn more about the “Six Absolutes” here.

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Steve Kinslow October 13, 2015

All 2015 Issues of BFS Magazine Free to Coaches and Athletes

Due to the overwhelming positive response from last weeks offer of a complimentary download of the BFS Magazine, BFS CEO, Bob Rowbotham has made an unprecedented decision.

Starting today and going back retroactively over 2015 every issue of BFS Magazine is is available as a free download. Bob has stated "One of the key ideas we are trying ot get across is that BFS is committed to helping coaches help kids".

Furthermore, it is our sincere hope that coaches take advantage of this opportunity to share the free downloads with athletes, administrators and parents. Printing articles for class handouts, sharing the pdf files via email, or just forwarding the link are some of the ways to share BFS magazine. We would like to see this offer impact as many programs and students as possible.

Every issue contains motivational success stories, about teams and individuals that have worked hard to succeed with the BFS Total Program and the "Be An 11" attitude.

Want more? Find insight into running a championship quality weight training program. Discover indepth tutorials on specific lifts. Learn about unifying your students and athletes in life lessons that will mature them, on and off the field.

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Steve Kinslow October 08, 2015

4 Minutes with the Straight Leg Deadlift

The BFS Straight-Leg Dead Lift is a high-priority auxiliary lift. We think of this lift as a stretching exercise. Therefore, our recommended technique is to use a very light weight and do every rep slowly, controlled and deep. Some have questioned the BFS position for the lower back and our technique of keeping the knees locked. This criticism could be justified if our primary purpose were to build strength. However, the BFS goal is to win, and a primary component of winning in school sports is speed. Improving hamstring flexibility is a key component in improving an athlete’s speed. We know that our SLDL technique will make a measurable difference in cutting up to two-tenths of a second off a 40 time. Improving hamstring flexibility will also improve jumping ability. The following are our SLDL guidelines in using this great auxiliary lift to your advantage.

How Much Weight?

Junior high boys and girls should use 45 or less pounds. Most high school women athletes should use between 45 and 65 pounds. Very strong, mature women high school athletes could use up to a maximum of 95 pounds. High school male athletes should use up to 95 pounds. College male athletes should use between 95 and 135 pounds. 

Sets & Reps and Progression

Do two sets of ten repetitions two times per week. Do not record this lift in the Set-Rep Logbook or the Record Card. Do not break records. Do not try to do a little more each week. Keep the poundage the same. This lift is used primarily as a stretching exercise, not a strength building exercise. You can progress by trying to get a deeper stretch each week.


The Straight Leg Deadlift is a recommended auxiliary lift in the BFS Total Program. Essential for building range of motion and speed this lift is often misunderstood. While it does build strength the primary goal is to build speed and flexibility. Measuring your results should be kept track of on the "sit and reach" flexibility test.

Equipment from this video:
3 in 1 Squat Box:
Hex Bar:
Squat Box:
Plates and Training Plates:

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Carson Jones October 01, 2015

6 Minutes with Alina K. Fong, PhD

6 Minutes with Alina K. Fong, PhD Director of Concussion Treatment. 

BFS CEO Bob Rowbotham sits down with Dr Fong to get some straight information on the risks of concussion for all athletes throughout high school sports and activities. Dr Fong also shares her insights on the prevention of concussion and what coaches and teachers can be aware of going forward. 

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Carson Jones September 23, 2015

Character education a dominant attribute of high school sports! BFS Magazine tells the story!

Headlines Do Not Tell The Full Story!

High school football is making a lot of news in the last couple of weeks. And it is not good. From athletes in Texas blind siding a ref, to a top college recruit allegedly smearing a painful cream into an opposing player's face, these are the stories being told about high school athletes.

At BFS we acknowledge these sort of events happen, but we firmly reject the notion that they are the norm. We work with 1,000s of students and coaches annually through our Total Program and Be An 11 Seminars and we have seen all the good high school sports brings to individuals, schools and entire communities!

BFS is committed to telling the story of these exceptional young people and their dedicated teachers and coaches. To this end we are making our September / October 2015 BFS Magazine FREE for download for everyone.

Just pass this link out to every student, coach, administrator or parent who needs to know just what great high school athletic programs bring to the community!

Male and Female Athletes of the Year!

The BFS High School Male and Female Athletes of the Year is our most prestigious award. It has quite a history, with the male award beginning in 1981 and the female award beginning in 2004. Being an exceptional multi-sport athlete is one quality associated with this award. But more than that, we are looking for young men and women who are, on a scale of one to 10, Elevens. Individuals who excel academically and are focused, grounded, and headed for a great future. We found two such individuals in Emelia Modglin and Deandre McGill.

Whats Inside

From the Editor

The High Tech World of BFS... 1

What's Happening

News and highlights from the world of athletic fitness... 4

BFS Success Stories

BFS Male and Female High School Athlete of the Year... 8

48-0! How Duchesne High’s Football Team Did It... 13


Home Training: The BFS Way... 17


The BFS Approach to In-Season Training... 22

How to Fuel Your Workouts... 27

Training and Equipment

Quality Weight Training Gear for your Budget... 30

Using Chains and Bands for Physical Superiority... 35

Physical Education

The BFS Set-Rep Log Goes Paperless!... 40

Young Athletes Play it Safe and Strong with BFS... 44

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Steve Kinslow September 08, 2015

Training the Power Snatch Get this free article on advanced technique!

In the BFS program, the power snatch is considered an advanced auxiliary exercise that can be used in place of the power clean. Both exercises develop the same muscles and increase power, and in fact improving your ability in one lift with improve your performance in the other. The power snatch, however, offers several advantages over the power clean and other types of explosive lifts.

Power is the ability to display strength quickly, and can be defined by the formula Force x Distance ÷ Time. Because relatively lighter weights are used, the power output for a power snatch is higher than a power clean. In fact, the second pull of the snatch produces five times the power output of back squats and deadlifts. Squats and deadlifts are essential to a total athletic development program, but in terms of developing power, the Olympic lifting movements are superior.

One of the advantages of the power snatch over the power clean is that some athletes, often due to the relationship of the upper arm to the lower, have a difficult time racking the bar on the shoulders. The power snatch catch position circumvents this problem as the bar is held overhead. Also, straps can be used on the power snatch to reinforce the grip – they should never be used on the clean as they can cause injury.

Next, because a wider grip is used in the power snatch, the athlete must bend their knees more and as such begin the lift from a lower starting position than the clean. As such, the legs move through a greater range of motion than the clean...

Download the Free Article from the BFS eStore


Download the Free Article from the BFS eStore

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Steve Kinslow September 01, 2015

Concussion, Beyond Awarness


BFS has worked hard for the past five years to increase awareness of the problem of traumatic brain injury in athletics. Through out social networking channels we have shared research on the latest ways to diagnose and treat concussions. Our coaching staff has teams with experts in the field of neuroscience and medicine to given formal and informal presentations to coaches, administrators, parents and athletes on the subject. It was time for us to take the next step.

On June 13th, BFS hosted the Youth Athletic Development and Concussion Awareness Seminar at Mountain View High School in Orem, Utah. The focus of the seminar was on the prevention and identification of concussions, and the proven “back to play” protocols. It was designed for sports coaches and physical education teachers, and included an impressive list of speakers. 

The keynote speaker was Dr. Mark D. Allen, Ph.D. Director of Concussion Research at Cognitive FX in Provo, Utah. Dr. Allen shared the latest research on concussions including the development of an advanced brain imaging technology called Neurocognitive imaging (fNCI). This type of MRI helps medical professionals determine the best treatment plan for those who have experienced traumatic brain injury and assess how quickly the patient is progressing in their recovery.

The seminar also included a presentation by Bobby Medina, a former BFS HIgh School athlete, NBA strength coach and a strength coach at Brigham Young University. Coach Median discussed the importance of a sound strength and conditioning program in helping to prevent concussion.

The program also included an introduction to the BFS Total Program by Chad Blevins Head Strength and Wrestling Coach for Mountain View with demonstrations of the BFS core lifts and the BFS set-rep system.

The seminar was a tremendous success, Below are some of the highlights of the event.



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Steve Kinslow August 20, 2015

The Basics Help Timpview Win! “The BFS core lifts are the most important exercises for football: power cleans, squats, deadlifts, and bench presses,” Cary Whittingham

The Whittingham family knows football! 

Fred Whittingham was a coach for the Los Angeles Rams from 1982-1991, his son Kyle is the head football coach for the University of Utah Utes, and Kyle’s younger brother Cary is the head coach for the Timpview High School Thunderbirds in Provo, Utah. This is Cary’s story.

Cary played linebacker at Brigham Young University from 1981-1985, earning a National Championship title in 1984, and played for the Los Angeles Rams in 1987. His accomplishments as a high school coach are equally impressive. Since he took over as head coach at Timpview High in 2012, the Thunderbirds have won three consecutive 4A state championships.

One of four high schools in the Provo School District, Timpview High School serves approximately 2,000 students in grades 9 through 12. It lies in the beautiful, mountainous valley of central Utah. As a graduate of Provo High School and BYU, Cary was familiar with the football environment in Provo and this no doubt led to a smooth transition into the head coaching position.

In the state championship game the Thunderbirds were facing an undefeated Roy High School, a team that won their semifinal game by a score of 39-0. The Royals shocked the Thunderbirds in the first half by holding them scoreless and giving up only 14 yards rushing. The last time the Thunderbirds didn’t score in the first half of a game was in 2007, a string of 103 straight games. However, thanks to its stubborn defense, the Thunderbirds were only down by seven, 0-7.

Timpview’s motto is, “Trust yourself, trust your team and trust your coaches,” and that turned out to be good advice in the second half. Cary and his staff were able to make the necessary adjustments, beginning with a 12-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Britain Covey to Jordan Espinoza in the third to tie the game. The momentum continued to shift to the Thunderbirds as this was followed by a 70-yard punt return by Will Watanabe for a score. The Thunderbirds scored twice more and kept the Royals out of the end zone the entire second half to achieve a 28-7
final result.

 With all the combined football knowledge in the Whittingham family you might think that Cary has learned many secrets to gridiron success. Not so. Cary says that among the keys to success in high school football are hard work, monitoring, and accountability. “You have to be sure the work is happening,” says Cary.  And although he has the inside track on what his brother Kyle is doing with the Utes, he says that many of the offensive and defensive schemes used at that level are too advanced to implement at the high school level. Likewise, Cary sticks with the basics in his strength and conditioning program.

The BFS core lifts are the most important exercises for football: power cleans, squats, Hex bar deadlifts, and bench presses,” says Cary. His program also includes plyometrics, medicine ball training, ladders, and the dot drill. As for auxiliary exercises, one of his favorites is the Turkish get-up, which he believes is a valuable exercise for developing core strength.

Although some parents believe that year-round specialization increases the odds of a high school athlete moving to the next level, Cary encourages his football players to participate in multiple sports. He believes that playing multiple sports teaches athletes how to compete. “Learning to complete carries over to the football field.” Such a philosophy has helped Timpview win state championships in both girls and boys sports; in fact, in the fall of 2013 Timpview teams won state championships in golf, football, volleyball and girls tennis. 

Cary believes in year-round strength training, including in-season. The Timpview High School administration supports this training philosophy by scheduling weight training classes during the school day so as not to interfere with after school sports training and competition. In the summer, Cary and his staff supervises morning workouts in the weight room to ensure his athletes are ready for the upcoming sports year.

Asked what advice he would give to aspiring coaches, Cary replied, “Get a teaching certificate, because -- at least in Utah -- there is little money in coaching. Your career as a high school coach is going to be teaching. Beyond that, you need exposure to football – nothing replaces putting on a helmet and playing the game.” Cary also insists that he is happy with his current career choice and has no aspirations of coaching at the college or professional level.

Looking towards next year, Coach Cary Whittingham has the challenge of replacing his quarterback, but says that he has “a good core of talented kids coming back.” As for the record books, Timpview won four consecutive state championships from 2006 to 2010. Based on what we’ve seen from the Thunderbirds these past three years, the odds of breaking that mark are in their favor.

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Steve Kinslow August 14, 2015

From Your Computer to Your Phone BFS Has Modern Solution to Weight Room Training!

During our clinics and certifications, we use a simple test to help athletes and coaches determine the proper depth. The marble test. If an athlete were to place a marble on the middle of the top of the thighs during their deepest squat position, which way would the marble roll? If the marble would roll towards the knees, the athlete is not squatting low enough. If the marble would stay stationary or roll towards the lifter's hips, the depth is good. Using this standard you'll find is that the bottom of the thighs are below parallel at the bottom of the squat.
The BFS True Squat App for iPhones, and soon Android, duplicates what happens during the marble test. It's even more accurate to use the True Squat because it's 100 percent objective.

1. Launch the app, then press "Begin". 2. Select the number of reps and the angle. 0 being a true parralel squat. 3. When the device reaches the degree set the lifter is notified with a bell and vibration. 4. Teaching aids are included under the home screen menu button and include a comprehensive technique video.

To use the device for the squat the athlete turns on the app on their smart phone, places the device in the case, and then secures the elastic strap around the largest part of one thigh. Then they squat. When the athlete reaches a position where their legs are parallel to the floor, the device will beep and light up – if the squat is too high, they will not hear a beep or see a light. As such, the True Squat provides the coach and athlete instant feedback about the performance of the exercise – if an athlete squats high, True Squat will let them know.

In the BFS system we prefer three spotters. It’s best to squat inside a power rack, with safety pins adjusted to the proper height. Because relatively heavy weights can be used in the squat, it’s essential that proper spotting be used. Although it’s possible to squat safely with one spotter (standing behind the lifter), it's better to have three spotters (two at the side and one behind). Besides ensuring the safety of the athlete performing the lift, the side spotters can judge spotting depth and technique and can encourage the athlete to break personal records.

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Steve Kinslow August 11, 2015

The BFS Set/Rep Logbook Goes High Tech 

Technology has become an integral part of the high school educational system, such that many classes don’t have books or handouts. This is the inspiration for the set-rep app that can be used for a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Before getting into the details of this BFS Set/Rep Log App, let’s look at why BFS believes that logbooks are so important.  

One hallmark of workouts that are successful in making athletes bigger, faster and stronger is a thoughtful balancing of all aspects of conditioning. A big part of the success of BFS over the past four decades can be attributed to the BFS Set-Rep Logbook. It’s a training tool that has proven essential in managing the challenges of working with young, multisport athletes. Besides helping athletes fulfill their physical potential, there are also psychological benefits.

A research study that looked at the psychological benefits of using the BFS program was conducted at Dulaney High School in Timonium, Maryland. The personality test administered was the Piers-Harris 2, which provides insight into an individual’s self-concept and is often used to help identify at-risk youth. 

Psychologist David Schlenoff found that the girls using the BFS workout experienced significant improvements in many areas that fell under the category of happiness, such as cheerfulness. During this period of evaluation Dulaney’s athletic teams experienced success virtually across-the-board for both boys and girls sports, including a state championship. With such results, Dulaney took the next step and integrated the BFS program into their curriculum as a for-credit class.

With the advancement of technology and the push for integrated PE program, BFS set about developing an app for the BFS Set Rep Logbook

By basing the app on the web, we would be able to offer this software across any device or operating system with a web browser. Under the direction of BFS clinicians, pilot schools were recruited to ensure the app worked smoothly. After a year of testing the app was ready to launch.

The app keeps the simplicity of our Set-Rep Log books while providing the management functions and portability of a phone app. Predefined weekly schedules are included with recommended core and auxiliary lifts for all major high school sports. However, you can customize your weekly schedule using any lift on any day, and add any lifts you want.

Coaches or administrators will love this app because they can see the essential data on their teams and athletes at a glance. Such data includes scores, records broken, and trends for any one athlete or any team. Likewise, athletes can enter their own scores on their phone or tablet and immediately see how many records they’ve broken and their performance trends. It’s also easy to scroll back and see what you did for any lift any week in the past. 

The BFS Set/Rep Log App requires a connection to the Internet and an email address for each administrator, coach and athlete. The program runs in any standard web browser on computers (PC and Mac), tablets, or smart phones. The program is provides as a yearly subscription, and there are no restrictions on the number of teams in any version.

Just like our Set-Rep Log books, the program (overseen by the coaches) guides each athlete in which lifts to do, and how many sets and reps to do each week. The weight lifted for each set is determined by the individual athlete based on their past performance for that lift.  If you want a complete computer-generated workout, along with Top 10 Lists, Power Rankings, Ironman Rankings, all based on the BFS Set-Rep system, you should invest in the BFS Beat the Computer Pro Computer Program.

The BFS Total Program is so popular among coaches and PE teachers because it ensures that progress can be made every single workout. More specifically, it enables every athlete to make personal records, often several personal records, every single workout – even in-season. And now, with the BFS Set/Rep Log App, you can take your workouts into the computer age.

 Get started with the videos below

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