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April Tech Sale!

  • Now you can get BFS's famous Set-Rep Log system
    for your computer, tablet, and phone at 15% Off.

    You can keep the simplicity of our Set-Rep Log books, but get the management functions and portability of a phone app. App includes predefined weekly schedules with recommended lifts for all common sports. Customize your weekly schedule using any lift on any day. Add the lifts you want. Coaches or administrators can see all teams and athletes at a glance, including scores, records broken, and trends for any one athlete or any team. Athletes can enter their own scores on their phone or tablet and immediately see how many records they've broken and their trends. 15% OFF Use code 0417WETS at checkout!

    BFS has set up an entire category of our tech products that available through April for 15% off. Get our Tech Protectors to safely keep your phones and tablets out of the way in your weight room - 15% off. Get our True Squat Strap for use with our True Squat App - 15% off. Get out tried and true Beat the Computer program for your PC - 15% off. 15% OFF Use code 0417WETS at checkout!

  • Home show customers find your complete home gym package here!

  • FREE Shipping on all orders over $2,500 after applying discounts

    Except AK and HI, Call 800-628-9737 for special consideration

BFS has the fitness equipment you need to keep your workouts on track. These items make perfect gifts for the athlete in your life - even if the athlete is you!

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04a - D1 Line Racks, Platforms & Benches

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