P2P Total Package with Rack


The Full P2P System including the Versatile Strength Training Rack

Training seminar for all 7 Sections of the P2P Program:
1. Situational Awareness, Safety and Security.
2. Enough is Enough. A voice against all bullying.
3. Cops and Kids: Bridging the Gap
4. 15 Week Physical, Mental and character building program
5. Teacher and Staff Safety and Wellness Program.
6. Suicide Awareness and Well Being Program.
7. Social Media Safety, Awareness, and Education

Includes P2P Rack, Rack Accessory Package:
P2P Training Rack, 1-Title Heavy Bag / 1-Bicep Curl Bar / 1-Sand Bag / 1-V Handle / 1-Tricep Press down bar / 2-4” Bands / 2-Nylon,Neoprene Handles / 1-climbing rope - 1.5” x 20’ long / Stainless Swivel eye / Snap Link / 2-4’ sections of 3/8” chain / Quick Link

Includes Participant Product Package: 
2-Copies of P2P Book / 50-Copies of Recording Card / 50-Copies of B11 Guidebook / 50-BFS Pens / 50-Copies of Participant Waiver / 50-Copies of Participant Contact Card / 1-Set of 4 P2P Posters / 50-String Backpacks