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Our mission is to ensure that every child in every school and community is safe and valued.

TJ - P2P Fit and Safe Professional Trainer

T.J. has decades of experience as a trainer and has trained and advised athletes of all levels, including Olympic, Pro, collegiate and high school. T.J. has trained countless first responders including Swat teams, law enforcement officers, and firefighters. T.J. is passionate about the health, safety, and security of our students, schools, and communities. 

TJ , P2P Fit and Safe Professional Trainer tj@p2pfitandsafe.com

Tom Stroup - SWAT Commander Veteran / Professional Trainer.

Police Chief Dave Ogden -  P2P Fit and Safe - Safety, security and situational  awareness systems founder


Coach Bill McCartney

National Champion College Football Head Coach
Three Big 8 Conference Titles
2013 Inductee into College Football Hall of Fame as a Coach. 
Founder of Promise Keepers 


“As a former College Football Coach, I truly wish I had access to this training system years ago. I have no doubt if a team at any level implements this into their already existing training program, it will take their athletes to another level of strength and explosiveness. I love that this is done in a team setting and teaches our youth a strong work ethic and is done around building strong character. You combine this with the P2P Fit and Safe Situational Awareness, Safety and Security Training along with everything else this program offers and you have a program that in my professional opinion belongs in every school and college in the world. I give this program my highest endorsement and recommendation. 

Dwayne Zinger

I have been blessed to play professional hockey for 11 years. Throughout this time I have trained on many different platforms and tried many different programs. The workout I received on the P2P Rack was the best complete body workout I have been through. I was able to work the entire body in 24 minutes, and it left me feeling the pump for days after. When you combine all the programs of P2P Fit and Safe Program, from Situational Awareness Safety and Security, Enough is Enough Voice Against Bullying, Cops and Kids / Bridging the Gap, Suicide Awareness, Social Media Safety and Awareness interwoven with the 15 week physical, mental, and character building program, I believe this is unparalleled and belongs in every school out there. P2P Fit and Safe is a must.

Dwayne Zinger N.H.L. Veteran, Coach/Trainer, Husband, Father

 Kurt Sauer - NHL Veteran

Kurt SauerThe P2P Rack is the ultimate workout machine. The P2P Rack pushed my body and mind to its limit. My first thought was I am going to bend the bars then after the first 30 seconds you begin to understand the situation you are in. Enhance that with friends or family working alongside you...there is nothing like it!

Uzor Onwordi

Founder of American Fitness Specialist and Y.E.S., 22 years of experience in athletic and fitness performance. 5 years NBC Channel 12 Fitness Expert. Trainer to Super Bowl Champion, World Series Champion, 2012 Miss Phoenix, Multiple High School Top Football Players for 4 years. 

Larry Kerychuk

As a former pro athlete. I have always enjoyed the sense of training hard. I found myself out of shape and tired and decided to do something about it. I got involved in training on the P2P Rack Training Program with my High School son Matthew. We were both completely blown away at the training this system provided. I lost 40 pounds in 3 months and honestly felt twenty years younger. My energy skyrocketed and I felt great To this day my son has not found a training system he prefers more. As great as the results were, to accomplish this working side by side with my son Matthew is something I will cherish forever.

Larry Kerychuk, Former Pro Athlete

Founder of Athletes International Ministries

Scott Brunswick

• Two times Academic All American Wide Receiver

• Four-year starting Wide Receiver at the University of Toledo

• Pro Try Outs with NFL until an ankle injury forced retirement 

• Professional Trainer

“As an athlete that has played to the best of my ability my entire playing career and always pushed myself to be the best I could possibly be, always challenging myself to be better. I can not express the how beneficial I believe this training system is. From athletes at every level of play to non-athletes. The self-spotting system this provides blew me away. The safety factor was the best I have been around. The results are second to none. When paired up with the Situational Awareness Safety and Security and the entire P2P Fit and Safe system, there is nothing, and I mean nothing I see that comes close. 

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