GHD For Speed!

GHD For Speed!

February 09, 2016

The Glute Ham Developer The GHD has been the number 1 auxiliary exercise for the BFS Total Program since it's inception 40 years ago. Now in the last decade this posterior chain essential has gained respect and understanding across many athletic and fitness training programs. Whether getting through the WOD at your local box or building speed in a Division 1 weight room, the GHD is now seen everywhere!

Developing the posterior chain has perhaps the biggest effect on athletic performance of any muscle group and the trifecta of squats, cleans and the GHD is the key to these powerful muscles. Read more about proper and effective use of the BFS GHD in this article from the BFS Magazine archives: 

A Closer Look at the Glute Ham Raise 

Download the Guidebook here: Glute Ham Developer Manual

Like all training from Coach BFS we believe proper technique is CRITICAL to finding success and getting amazing results from employing this exercise. Remember championships are won on the court or field of play so train hard but train smart. Incremental improvement week over week will build your speed and help ensure you are available to compete on game day!

BFS offers 4 distinct models of the GHD to fit your program and budget!

BXI Model GHD for Box Style Workouts

D1 Model Heaviest-duty 3" x 3" Steel Frame glute-ham developer Built to accommodate even the largest athletes

Roller Glute Ham Developer - Great for beginners 

BFS Glute Ham Our most popular GHD used in thousands of weight rooms 


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