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BFS Is Now an Authorized Sales Partner of Intenza Cardio Equipment!

Made in America - Recycled Rubber Crumb Bumpers

With 2 inch stainless steel sleeves these bumpers are tough enough for the most demanding workouts and athletes! Get them today at 15% off!

Made in America Crumb Bumpers Sale Through July 31st



Varsity line from BFS is the best value in high school weight training - period 
Varsity Rack with Platform 25% OFF

Promo Code 0414WETS1

For a complete list of sale items visit BFSSALE.COM


Since 1976 BFS has provided equipment and training programs for 1000s of championship teams around the country. It doesn't matter which sport, men's or women's your training solution is the BFS Total Program and BFS Made in the USA equipment! 

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