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BFS has brought back our most popular promotion of the year just in time to get your training in high gear for a championship run!
Every line of BFS Manufactured weight room equipment is shipping free for the next 3 weeks. Simply use discount code 0814weff1 at checkout!

D1 Line Ships Free

BFS is producing the finest weight room equipment available. With the D1 line our exceptional value for dollar is increased. D1 is made for the most demanding, high profile programs.

Elite Line Ships Free

BFS Elite racks, platforms and benches, built with 2" x 3" and 2" x 2", 7 or 11 gauge steel, are the foundation for countless championship quality weight rooms. Weight training is the basis for any athletic endeavor.

Varsity Line Ships Free

At BFS we know the real measure in a weight room is the results you see outside the weight room. The Varsity line, built with 2" x 3" or 2" x 2" 11 gauge steel, has every rack, bench or platform you need to achieve your goals. The Varsity line is built for teams that know they have to work hard and get a little dirty to reach their dreams.

Absolute Line Ships Free!

BFS is pleased to announce an all new line of weight training equipment. Built with new shapes, materials and methods the Absolute Line brings a modern look to your weight room. Engineered and manufactured to maintain the time tested durability of BFS's commercial grade history. The Absolute Line delivers a weight room that lasts in a bold new design.


Since 1976 BFS has provided equipment and training programs for 1000s of championship teams around the country. It doesn't matter which sport, men's or women's your training solution is the BFS Total Program and BFS Made in the USA equipment!

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