P2P Fit and Safe meets T4C Training 4 Christ


Seminar for all Christian Schools and Organizations.

Congratulations on saying "yes“ to the T4C Training 4 Christ fifteen week challenge. Saying yes means committing to three Biblically based commitments daily. Designed to Strengthen the Body, Sharpen the Mind, and Nourish the Spirit.


The T4C Training 4 Christ Program is a wonderful program to have a 30-minute Bible study or time of fellowship before or after the 30-minute training session. This powerful program includes the T4C Training 4 Christ full exercise unit and all training accessories. 

Includes the entire 15-week training routine consisting of two training sessions per week. Also include the #1 Situational Awareness Safety and Security Training Program - P2P Fit and Safe.

Training 4 Christ Seminar with T4C Rack, Rack Accessory Package, & Participant Package 

Training 4 Christ Seminar with T-Rex Fitness Package, & Participant Package

P2P Rack and Rack Accessory Package (P2PG1):
P2P Training Rack / Title Boxing Heavy Bag / 1-Bicep Curl Bar / 1-Sand Bag / 1-V Handle / 1-Tricep Press down bar / 2-4” Bands / 2-Nylon,Neoprene Handles / 1-climbing rope - 1.5” x 20’ long / Stainless Swivel eye / Snap Link / 2-4’ sections of 3/8” chain / Quick Link

T-Rex Fitness Package (P2PG2): 
All the tools you need to implement the P2P Bodyweight training regimen 

Includes Participant Product Package:  (P2PG1 and P2PG2)
2-Copies of P2P Book / 50-Copies of Recording Card / 50-Copies of B11 Guidebook / 50-BFS Pens / 50-Copies of Participant Waiver / 50-Copies of Participant Contact Card / 1-Set of 4 P2P Posters / 50-String Backpacks