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Selector - Cable Crossover

  • Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery
  • A great value!
  • High and low pulleys
  • 200-lb. weight stack
    (100 lbs. resistance per side with 5 year warranty)
  • Lower pulley pivots for exercises inside and outside the racks
  • Dimensions: L-134" W-39" H-91"

Selector Features Include:

  • Reinforced Nylon Pulleys - sealed ball bearings
  • 19-Strand, 2000 lb. Cable - nylon coated for years of use
  • Ductile Steel Plates - steel/iron alloy won't break
  • Upholstery Selection - select a color that fits your style
  • Chromed Guide Rods - appearance and durability
  • Cam Driven Mechanism - smooth, consistent resistance

Features Include:

  • Powder coat paint (black/white/silver)
  • Upholstery (black/blue/red/teal/grey)
  • Color upholstered rollers*
  • Chrome slides/adjustments/weight horns
  • Protective stripping/wear guards

All color combinations usually ship within 4 to 6 weeks.
(All bolt down tabs require equipment to be bolted to the floor)

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