Fat Gripz

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FAT GRIPZ are the Ultimate Arm Builder. They are used by US Special Armed Forces, teams in the NFL, NHL, MLB, and several major American Universities. Why? Because the muscle and strength gains you get from training with thick bars and thick-handled dumbbells are incomparably better than training with Standard barbells and dumbbells.

The problem is that thick bars are very expensive and very rare. The solution? FAT GRIPZ!

They simply slide over almost any standard barbell, dumbbell, chin-up bar, cable attachment, or exercise machine handle instantly converting them into thick bars.

Using FAT GRIPZ is like using a thick bar for all of your training... except they're portable, they fit on almost any weights, they're light, they're affordable and train your arms at all angles without any extra exercises or reps!

Get Some and Don't Waste Another Workout!


Price shown is for one pair