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D1 Plus Double Sided Half Rack w/ optional Platforms and Benches

You can have it all! Maximize your floor space and get the most durable rack for your money. Back to back half racks with built in plate and bar storage make this the only choice for weight rooms looking to move whole teams of serious athletes through the toughest workouts. With the standard 3" x 3" 11-gauge steel or in Plus configuration with 3" x 3" 7-gauge steel this rack has the options to fit your budget and requirements. Or add the hardwood platforms to one or both sides and incorporate all your ground based training in the same station to truly elevate your program. Attain team wide gains efficiently with the Everest HD line!
Shown without the optional Platform(s) and Benches

  • Pick your colors
  • 3" x 3" 7-gauge steel construction, powder coated frame tubing
  • L: 99" W: 90" H: 104" (without platforms)
  • Custom Logo available. Call BFS: 800-628-9737.

Standard Features

7-guage chrome-plated adjustment system with laser cut numbering

4 upright Olympic bar holders

Chrome-plated Olympic plate size horns angled for safety

Multi-grip Pull-up bar

Multiple pegs on each side for band resistance exercise
Optional Total
Package Contains 2 each of:

A. Swivel Handle Chin Up Option:

B. Dip Attachment:

C. Land mine option for fulcrum lifts:

D. D1 Bench

E. D Clip:


Optional Wood Platform

F. Modular Power Clean Platform:
Choose to add one or two to your rack


All color combinations usually ship within 6 to 8 weeks.

(All bolt down tabs require equipment to be bolted to the floor)

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