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D1 Full Cage with optional Platform and Bench

  • Pick your colors
  • 3" x 3" 11-gauge steel construction, powder coated frame tubing
  • L: 80" W: 66" H: 104" (without Platform)
  • Custom Logo available. Call BFS: 800-628-9737.

Standard Features

7-guage chrome-plated adjustment system with laser cut numbering

4 upright Olympic bar holders

Chrome-plated Olympic plate size horns angled for safety

Multi-grip Pull-up bar

Multiple pegs on each side for band resistance exercise
Optional Total
Package Contains:

A. Swivel Handle Chin Up Option:

B. Dip Attachment:

C. Land mine option for fulcrum lifts:

D. D1 Bench:

E. D Clip:


Optional Wood Platform

G. Modular Power Clean Platform:
Choose to add one or two to your rack


All color combinations usually ship within 6 to 8 weeks.

(All bolt down tabs require equipment to be bolted to the floor)

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