BFS Magazine, May, 2016


he More Things Change….

In April I flew to BFS Headquarters in Salt Lake City to visit with CEO Bob Rowbotham, President John Rowbotham, and the rest of the hardworking staff at BFS. 

 The first order of business was seeing the improvements in the manufacturing facility, such as the purchase of a “bender” that is used to bend steel. It is a piece of equipment that enabled us to introduce our sleek BFS Oval Absolute Line. And as always I saw that John, who in the past would be called an efficiency expert, found new ways to improve the organization of the facility.

Next, Bob kept me up to speed with all the new improvements in our certification program and popular Online Learning Center. He was especially excited to tell me about all the school districts that have embraced the concept of unification. 

Unification is the concept that all athletes in the public school system should adhere to the same basic training philosophy. Unification is one of the unique aspects of the BFS program that we have been teaching for 40 years. 

We believe young athletes, from football players to swimmers to 400-meter runners, should perform the same core weight training exercises. They should also perform the same speed, agility, flexibility, and plyometric exercises. Not just because it’s easier to administer such a Programs, but because it’s a better program.

We believe that all high schools, middle schools, and many colleges should be unified. Such organization reduces teaching time, prevents many administrative hassles and personality conflicts, and improves athletic performance. In today’s world of budget cuts and reduced coaching and physical education staffs, having all athletes use the same workout program year-round reduces the amount of time needed for teaching new exercises and training programs. 

The worst environment for a school is where every sport and every coach does their own strength and conditioning program while following totally opposite concepts and philosophies. Sometimes the egos of various head coaches clash so strongly that their athletes’ loyalties become confused, making it difficult for everyone to come together to win. Unification resolves these conflicts so that athletes easily flow from one sport to the next.

Every time I visit BFS I see something new, but some things will never change. Unification is one of them.

Kim Goss, MS

Editor in Chief, BFS magazine

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