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Be An 11 Guidebook For Success

The Be An 11 Guidebook for Success should be in the Hands of Every Athlete. Even if you can't Have the Seminar, Don't Wait.... Get the Guidebooks Now for Each Athlete.
The Message is what Every Parent Wants for Their Sons and Daughters.
  • Updated and Better Than Ever
  • Highly Motivational Stories and Thought Provoking Questions
  • Focused on Helping Students and Athletes to BE AN 11!
  • Learn how to Be An 11 Athlete, Student, Communicator, Leader and More!
     Table of Contents
  • Chapter  1:    Take Charge
  • Chapter  2:    What is an Eleven?
  • Chapter  3:    Getting Started
  • Chapter  4:    Choose to Be an 11
  • Chapter  5:    Elevens Play Their Song
  • Chapter  6:    Be an 11 Athlete
  • Chapter  7:    Be an 11 Student
  • Chapter  8:    Be an 11 Communicator
  • Chapter  9:    Be an 11 Socially
  • Chapter 10:   Be an 11 Leader
  • Chapter 11:   Putting It All Together

  • Appendix 1:    Inspirational Articles
  • Appendix 2:    Guidelines for Teachers
  • Appendix 3:    A Picture of the Big Picture

BFS Set-Rep Cards, Books and Videos are TRADEMARKED Products.
It is Illegal to Reproduce These Items in Full or in Partial Form.

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