P2P Fit and Safe

Introducing the #1 High School Program in the world for Situational Awareness, Safety, and Fitness 

The P2P Program’s mission is to build stronger, healthier and safer students, schools and communities. P2P combines among many other things, training in leadership, fitness, nutrition, safety, security, and situational awareness for the betterment of students, schools, and communities as never before. P2P encourages each student to reach their full potential while taking pride in themselves, their school and community.

Bob Weiland

Bob “Mr. Inspiration” Wieland
American Hero - P2P Ambassador 
Motivational Speaker and Leader

The P2P team includes SWAT and law enforcement leaders, trainers, world champion athletes, coaches, and nutritionists. The team is committed to P2P's mission to build stronger, healthier and safer students, schools and communities.

The P2P program offers a unique and powerful training program for all schools. Through the specialized training, students gain confidence and leadership skills while engaging in safety and security training.

P2P's Enough is Enough

The Voice Against Bullying. Training and education for students, families, and communities working together to put an end to the vicious cycle of bullying.

"No one is immune to the detrimental epidemic of bullying. Bullies come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, and each with their own destructive plot that attempts to hurt, defame and even destroy.

The reasons someone bullies another are endless. We even found ourselves under attack from an online bully after making the decision to not pursue a working relationship with his company for a number of reasons. He was angry and retaliated in a deceitful and malicious way, distorting the truth in an attempt to hurt and defame us for our decision. As a result of our experience, it became overwhelmingly evident that anybody can fall victim to bullying. We realized the need for an Elite anti-bullying education and training program for students, adults and the workplace alike and Enough is Enough was born. We are extremely excited and will be providing all people with the proper tools and resources necessary to Prepare, Prevent and Overcome the destructive and hurtful effects of bullying in a Safe, Positive and Healthy way.

The P2P Fit and Safe Team will be a voice for all and is completely dedicated to helping put an end to the vicious cycle of bullying. Each person is important and no one deserves to be bullied. Enough is Enough.

The P2P Team

"We strive to ensure that the health, safety and well being of our students, schools and communities will remain our top priority - they are the product of the future, therefore the nation's most important investment now."

P2P Fit and Safe Team Commitment

Chief David Ogden

P2P Fit and Safe - Safety, security and situational  awareness systems founder

David Ogden has been in law-enforcement for 30 years and is currently the chief of police for the Windemere police department in Florida. Chief Ogden spent 14 years as a member of SWAT and led a regional agency that provided intelligence to policymakers. He is a lifelong advocate, instructor, and student of developing leadership initiatives in the law-enforcement profession.

Chief Ogden has been a martial artist for 30 years. He believes in tactical self-defense and has integrated his unique background of mental preparation for critical encounters, law-enforcement defensive tactics, and martial arts skills into a complete self-defense system. Chief Ogden holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Columbia College. He resides in Florida with his family. LEARN MORE ABOUT CHIEF OGDEN

Tom Stroup

Tom Stroupe

P2P Fit and Safe Ambassador

  • 5 time international SWAT competition champion

  • Named "toughest cop alive."

  • Gold Medalist in Police Olympics.

  • Swat team commander with over 3,000 missions.

  • Master's degree from UCF.

  • Founder PWR Training.

"Now more than ever before, we need to ensure that our students, schools, and communities are safe. The P2P Program is aimed at doing just that, and it belongs in every school, in every state. I've spent decades in law enforcement and have seen firsthand the power of partnering with communities toward a common goal. The P2P Program has my highest endorsement."

Angie Sanchez

Angie Sanchez

P2P Fit and Safe Ambassador

Angie is a very successful and well-respected businesswoman who is passionate about the wellness, safety, and security of our students, schools, and communities. She is a dynamic leader with a unique ability to create powerful, positive outcomes. A dedicated mother of three growing boys, Angie is deeply committed to the mission of P2P.

Daniel Lovelace

P2P Fit and Safe Program Director

Master Instructor – Program Director for Fitness and Nutrition

Daniel is a former Veteran Law Enforcement and Corrections Officer with 30 years experience in the fields of Sports Medicine and Performance Training. Daniel has trained Professional, Collegiate and Scholastic Athletes as well as First Responders in self-defense fitness as well as having them achieve their Fitness and Wellness goals. Daniel has authored and instructed courses and classes for The Crusader EBC® as well as his personal programs and research for Romulus Fitness Systems®. Daniel has a passion for helping people overcome the debilitating effects of stress and PTSD and is pioneering his approach to interval training for the relief of diseases associated with psychological distress. Daniel holds numerous certifications and specializations in Fitness, Wellness, and Nutrition. LEARN MORE ABOUT DANIEL LOVELACE

Steve Jennings

Steve Jennings

P2P Fit and Safe Ambassador

Steve Jennings is a successful businessman, lawyer, Best-Selling author, U.S. Silver Medalist / All-American athlete, corporate turnaround specialist, inspirational speaker and seminar leader in the achievement and leadership industries and the leader of the Invincible Life Warrior Revolution, leading corporations, businesses and people worldwide to overcome their challenges, live their dreams and succeed.

And recently, Steve received the distinguished honor of being appointed as a United Nations (UN) Ambassador of Peace.



P2P Fit and Safe Training expert

T.J. has decades of experience as a trainer and has trained and advised athletes of all levels, including Olympic, Pro, collegiate and high school. T.J. has trained countless first responders including Swat teams, law enforcement officers, and firefighters. T.J. is passionate about the health, safety, and security of our students, schools, and communities.

To learn more on how to get started on this powerful program email  tjp2pfitandsafe@gmail.com

To use P2P clothing as a school fundraiser, contact TJ at tjp2pfitandsafe@gmail.com