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Black Crumb Bumpers (lbs. and Kg.)

BUMPERS Made in the USA!
Most popular new product!

Solid Rubber Bumpers 

Recycled Crumb bumpers made in Alabama from a nearly indestructible combination of recycled, vulcanized rubber and a 2" stainless steel insert.  

  • These tough bumpers can handle the most demanding environments from high schools to boot camp style work outs.
  • Measuring 17.7" in diameter, they're available in weights of 10, 15, 25, 35, and 45 pounds as well as kilogram weights!
  • Price shown is for one Bumper
  • 10 lb. and 5 Kg. bumpers are for training only - Do not drop or use with iron plates
(Usually ships in 48 hours)

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