P2P Fit and Safe

Number 1 Situational Awareness and Safety Program for Schools.  

The P2P’s Fit and Safe Programs Mission and Purpose is to build stronger and safer schools and communities. P2P encourages each student to reach their full potential while taking pride in themselves, their school and community.

The P2P team includes SWAT and law enforcement leaders, trainers, world champion athletes, coaches, and nutritionists. The team is committed to P2P's mission to build stronger, and safer students, schools and communities.

The P2P program offers a unique and powerful training program for all schools. Through the specialized training, students gain confidence and leadership skills while engaging in safety and security training. 

P2P Fit and Safe On-Site Seminars taught by the team's professionals include the following :

• Situational Awareness, Safety, and Security
• Cops and Kids / Bridging the Gap
• physical, mental and character wellness training including top of the line exercise equipment. 
• Voice against all bullying including social media and cyberbullying. 
• Teacher and Staff safety and wellness. 
• Suicide awareness and well being 
• Social media awareness and safety. 
• The P2P Fit and Safe in-depth 15-week training program manuals.