Hydraulic Resistance

Benefits of Hydraulic Resistance

Quantum ART Series

The ART Series from Quantum defines adaptive resistance training. Designed as an alternative to standard weight training, the ART series is a safe, effective, highly variable and easy way to exercise. 

Focusing on concentric only exercise, the ART Series specifically targets the desired muscle groups to exercise and minimizes both the chance of injuries and dramatically lowers the delayed muscle soreness that traditional weight training provides. 

The 6 levels of resistance offer many different workout options and progression levels for all types of users no matter their current exercise capabilities.  With a hydraulic system you do not have to guess what resistance to select as the resistance met while exercising will automatically be equal to the user strength capability at every point in the range of motion on each and every repetition



AeroStrength combines the principles of isotonics and isokinetics. As both the speed and resistance vary throughout the range of motion of the exercise AeroStrength provides maximal (100%) overload at all joint angles which provide optimal increases in muscular strength, power, speed and endurance.

AeroStrength provides 100% true maximal muscle overload.

As the muscle fatigues, the mechanics of the hydraulic cylinder automatically adjust so the athlete is still working at 100% of what his muscle is capable of generating at that time. That translates into superior endurance for optimal athletic performance. 

Our cylinders are not mass-produced automobile shock absorbers like many other hydraulic fitness machines. Our cylinders were designed and patented in the U.S.A. specifically for human exercise in 1969 and have been lasting on the average 20-years and in some well-maintained facilities up to 25-years!

Our upholstery is Boltasport, designed specifically for sports and exercise equipment in high-traffic facilities. You have over 55-colors to choose from. 

Our frames are steel and there is NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. You can choose black frames or gray frames.  
We are a build-to-order manufacturer so please allow 2 to 4 weeks of build time on all orders. On overseas shipments allow for a minimum of 30-days transit time.