December 2015 Promotions

December 2015 Promotions

December 09, 2015

December Promotions

Our Number one best selling equipment of all time is now on sale through December. Simply shop the store and enter Discount Code 1215PCEL at checkout to take advantage of these savings!

BFS Elite Plus racks, platforms and benches, built with 2" x 3" and 2" x 2", 7 gauge steel, are the foundation for countless championship quality weight rooms. Weight training is the basis for any athletic endeavor. Whether it is basketball, football, soccer, track or volleyball the Elite line from BFS is the straightest path to stronger and more athletic teams.

Available in "Elite Plus" 7 gauge steel and "Elite" 11 gauge steel

Discounts cannot be combined Call 800-628-9737 to ensure your get the maximum savings!

Reserve Your Date - Save 25%!
Boys, girls, football, volleyball, track, - every sport benefits from increased strength and agility!

BFS Championship Camps bring together all the aspects of the Total Program in an action packed weekend. Start your Camp on Friday - Run the program on Monday!

The Championship Camp begins with a coaches breakout session to get the staff up to speed on running the Total Program. Then the student athletes get two days of coaching and education on correct lifting, spotting, speed, plyometrics, while breaking personal records every week!

Your Championship Camp includes an evening session of the impactful Be An 11 character building seminar! Students, faculty, coaches and parents can all benefit from this presentation - Be an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. This special evening reaches beyond athletics and academics to a lifelong attitude.

BFS has brought the Total Program to thousands of high schools and the stories of success are countless. Football, basketball, volleyball, track, wrestling, boys or girls, it does not matter - The Total Program has succeeded in creating champions. Take action to bring a culture of dedication, responsibility, and WINNING to your school.