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550Ti Treadmill

550ETXi Elliptical

550RBi Recumbent Bike

550 UBi Upright Bike

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 Intenza Commitment

The Intenza quality system is certified by the world’s leading certification organization, TUV Rheinland Group, to ISO-9001: 2008 standards. Everything we do is built around quality - From product development to production.

The Intenza Philosophy

We believe that problem prevention is more effective, and less costly, than fixing malfunctions. Good product quality begins with the correct product development process. We follow a clearly documented product development system that is rigorously controlled, at each stage, to ensure that every component is well designed, verified and tested before being released for mass production.

How We Work

During production, we automate our process as much as possible to minimize handling and errors, and more attention is focused on quality— Intenza's goal is to minimize waste and errors, and to continuously improve efficiency and quality. In order to achieve our quality goal, we fully assemble each product, and once assembled, run it through a thirty minute burn-in process. Following this protocol, each product is 100% functionally tested to guarantee full working order before shipping.

The Intenza Pledge

To minimize machine down time is Intenza's promise. Our goal is to be the number one in service quality in the industry so all Intenza partners and customers can enjoy hassle-free service.



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